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International Juried Art Competition

September -  October 2022


ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY announces their all new "4th STILL LIFE" International Juried Art Competition. All visual artists from around the world are invited to submit their best artworks on the theme for inclusion in the exhibition. All types of art styles may be submitted, including both 2D and 3D works, painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, graphic, mixed media, as well as experimental and installation works.



​The theme of this international juried art competition is STILL LIFE. This includes the art of commonplace objects which are either natural, such as food, flowers, plants, rocks, shells, and even dead animals, or man-made ones, such as books, vases, jewelry, coins, pipes, etc. Representational and abstract ideas based broadly on the theme, in any media, will be considered. See below for more details on submission guidelines.


​All types of visual arts will be considered, including but not limited to Painting & Mixed Media, Photography & Digital, and Sculpture & 3D Installation.



The deadline for submission is September 15th, 2022.*

Note that our deadlines are now firm and will NOT be extended

Awards & Prizes


Up to $1,000 in cash prizes will be given out to 25 – 45 winning artists.** The grant money will be unrestricted and may be used in any manner by the recipient artist. Depending on the number and quality of artworks submitted, the following prizes will be considered:

First Prize Award $100-$200

Runner-Up Prize Award $75-$150

Merit Prize Award $50-$125

Talent Prize Award $25-$100

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

All award-winning artists, including Honorable Mentions and Finalists, will be given Certificates of Recognition.

** In case there are joint winners for any of the cash prizes the money will be split evenly among contestants. Similarly, if a category does not receive enough entries to be judged fairly within that category alone, it will be considered alongside other categories with sufficient entries. The final prize amount will depend on the total number of entries but will always be within the indicated range.



News Outlet and Social Media Promotions

ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY guarantees to have your juried show featured in front of top TV, Print, Radio, and Digital media outlets, like The Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Business Journals, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox affiliates, as well as other leading national outlets. This juried art competition page, including your artwork, will be marketed extensively, including press release utilizing the most expanded domestic distribution network.


Our press release will be distributed to over 6,300 online, local, regional, national, international, and industry media outlets, including Google News, Digital Journal, Associated Press, Benzinga, Yahoo! Finance, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and others, with expanded distribution to top local and regional publications across all 50 states in the US. Our full list of targeted publications can be found here.


Winners who do not qualify for cash prizes will still receive widespread global recognition through extensive promotion via social media, monthly newsletters, and news media mentioned above.


At the conclusion of the competition, winning artworks will be archived and considered for future publication as full page print editions in leading art magazines.



The entry fee for each artwork is $10 (non-refundable).

If you'd like to enter more than 5 artworks for consideration, please go back to fill in your details and submit again.



Art Competition Open                                           NOW

Deadline for Entries                                                SEPTEMBER 15TH, 2022 (WILL NOT BE EXTENDED)

Winner Notification Starts                                   Within 24 hours

Cash Prize Notification Starts                            Within 24 hours

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Starts            Within 48 hours

Cash Prize Distribution Starts***                       October 8th, 2022

Exhibition of Winning Artworks Ends              October 15th, 2022

Winning Artworks Archived                                October 15th, 2022

*** All cash prizes are given out via PayPal. If you don't have a free PayPal account, you can get one here.

How to Apply


1. Choose the number of artworks you'd like to submit​ from one of the five options below.


2. Click on the number of artworks and proceed to make a payment. You can pay by PayPal or credit card. 

3. After successful payment, you'll be redirected back to where you can upload your images and other details.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your image submissions, please contact us at


One of the fascinating art genres that make an aesthetic appeal to the art aficionados is still life. It can be a painting or an arrangement of still-life objects anywhere. The artists mostly choose flowers, fruits, or any objects we are surrounded by. This is an innovative style of modern art admired across the world. If you are an excellent still life artist then Art Show International is the best platform to participate in an exhibition. Over the years, we have become a leading portal for still life exhibition online!


We have created a perfect dimension for the budding and professional still life artists across the world. Inanimate objects are chosen and expressed by the artists in an innovative way to impress an audience. This art has a remarkable aesthetic value. In fact, the entries are often admired and chosen by contemporary art collectors for interior decoration.


Every artist has his own definition of expressing the inanimate objects in their creations. This is what fascinates the art admirers. They feel the urge to discover new art and visit the still life exhibition conducted in our domain. All you have to do is to go through the specific guidelines and send your artwork to our domain. Prepare your professional art profile and get a remarkable chance to mesmerize an international audience. Get applauded by this audience and win their hearts. You will gain immense popularity with the help of our international art portal!  


There is no boundary or exception regarding creating and presenting your artwork. Make sure your artwork follows the protocols mentioned in the guideline section. Compete with the international artists in this genre. Get juried by the top art critics. The winners are rewarded with cash prizes, a congratulatory certificate, and exemplary chances to get their artwork published across multiple social media domains.

Get admired and seek inspiration to create masterpieces from art aficionados. Your career as a still life artist will be catapulted to a new exciting level. Become a reputed artist in this genre by participating in our still life exhibition. Showcase your talent and become internationally famous with our assistance.