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$1,000 CASH



is the ultimate promotional tool available to all artists from around the world.

It has been compared to having your own gallery show
in the SoHo district of New York
or at the Champs-Élysées of Paris...

...only grander and with more fanfare.”


We guarantee to have your juried show featured in front of top TV, Print, Radio, and Digital media outlets, like The Boston Globe, Tampa Bay Times, Houston Chronicle, San Francisco Gate, Philadelphia Inquirer, The Business Journals, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox affiliates, as well as other leading national outlets. The solo competition page  will be marketed extensively, including press release utilizing the most expanded domestic distribution network.

Our press release will be distributed to over 6,300 online, local, regional, national, international, and industry media outlets, including Google News, Yahoo! Finance, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Associated Press, Digital Journal, Benzinga, and others, with expanded distribution to top local and regional publications across all 50 states in the US. Our full list of targeted publications can be found here.

Winners who do not qualify for cash prizes will still receive widespread global recognition through extensive promotion via social media, monthly newsletters, and news media mentioned above. All winning artworks will be archived and considered for future publication as full page print editions in leading art magazines.


Submit your 5 best artworks now to win an invitation as a solo artist in our gallery which can provide you with a professionally designed elegant portfolio to complement your resume and give you tremendous worldwide exposure. The artist page comprises of 10 featured artworks, a full artist statement, quotes, and snippets from the artist's works. Each month, an exclusive offer will be extended to a select group of artists from among our incredibly talented artist pool. One Grand Prize Winner selected from among all artists participating in this Solo Competition during the year will receive a $1,000 cash award. Additional cash prizes will also be given out.


Artists need not adhere to any specific theme for their solo exhibition.
All types of styles and mediums are welcome, including both 2D and 3D works, painting, sculpture, digital, printmaking, fiber, photography, graphic, mixed media, video, as well as experimental and installation works.



The submission deadline for the solo exhibition will normally be the last day of each month. However, if enough entries are not received during a particular month, a rolling submission deadline may be set. In this case, these entries will be considered alongside following month's entries. We will try our best to represent at least twelve solo artists during the year so we maximize the chances among our diverse artist base. In the event we receive an overwhelming response from many exceptionally talented artists, we might decide to hold multiple solo exhibitions simultaneously.



$1,000 in cash prizes will be given out to the Artist of the Year who will be selected from all the solo artists exhibiting their works during the year. Additional Runner-Up, Merit, Talent, Honorable Mention, and Finalist prizes and awards will also be announced.

Artist of the Year Award $1,000 *

Runner-Up Prize Award $200-500**

Merit Prize Award $100-200***

Talent Prize Award $50-100***

Honorable Mention Award

Finalist Award

* In case there are joint winners for any of the cash prizes the money will be evenly split among contestants.

** The prize money indicated for Runner-Up, Merit, and Talent prizes is approximate at this time, and will be determined by the volume of submissions received over the course of the year.

*** There will usually be multiple winners in these categories.

All cash prizes are given out via PayPal. If you don't have a free PayPal account, you can get one here.


In addition to cash prize awards, solo artists will also be heavily promoted via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




The entry fee for up to 5 artworks is a flat $35 (non-refundable). Please make all artwork submissions in a single session. 

If you'd like to increase your chances of winning by submitting more than 5 artworks, you're welcome to do so by completing the submission process again for an additional $35.

We don't set a limit to the number of submissions you can make.

Artist selection is done on an ongoing basis, and can take anywhere between 1 day to 2 weeks, depending on when the jury is able to meet. Once the selection process is complete, in the event an artist is invited to participate in our Solo Exhibition, the artist will be able to choose from our ELITE or PRO plans. Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for additional details.

Please understand that ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY was started solely as a means to help out artists both financially and by providing a platform for international exposure during the pandemic, so we do NOT make any profit. All artist fees go towards paying out cash prizes to the most deserving artists in our monthly Art Competitions and yearly Solo Exhibitions, as well as covering ads, outreach, and other administrative costs.



The Solo Exhibition feature is scheduled to run on an ongoing basis.

How to Apply

1. Click on the "Solo Exhibition Submission" button below.


2. Proceed to make a payment. You can pay by PayPal or credit card. 

3. After successful payment, you'll be redirected back to where you can upload your images and other details.

NOTE: If you have any issues with your image submissions, please contact us at


2021-2022 Cash Prize Winners | 897 Artists | $37,225 Awarded

We congratulate the following artists winning cash prizes at one or more art competitions at

Aaron Krone, USA | Adam Reed, USA | Agnieszka Jackiewicz-Pec, USA | Aileen Xie, USA | Alejandro Berlino, ITALY | Aleksandra Siniugina, RUSSIA | Aleksei Tretiakov, RUSSIA | Alena Fadeeva, RUSSIA | Alena Khokhlova, RUSSIA | Alena Shaburdina, RUSSIA | Alex Hundemer, USA | Alexander Cheglakov, RUSSIA | Alexander Lipay, USA | Alexandra Beshnova, RUSSIA | Alexandra Kazantseva, RUSSIA | Alexandra Mohr, GERMANY | Alexandra Yuan, USA | Alhaitham Jassar, USA | Alina Anon, USA | Alisa Boyko, GREECE | Alma Greer, USA | Alvaro Luna, USA | Alvaro Mejias, FRANCE | Amaris Shi, USA | Amol Saraf, USA | Amy Jiang, CHINA | Anastasia Shurmina, BELARUS | Anastasia Trubetskaya, RUSSIA | Anastasia Volkova, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Andrew Lincoln Nelson, USA | Angela Su, USA | Angela Williams, FRANCE | Ann James Massey, FRANCE | Anna Adams, USA | Anna Boginskaia, RUSSIA | Anna Mikhaylina, RUSSIA | Anne Kramer, USA | Anne McDonald, AUSTRALIA | Annette Seo, USA | Anni Vahlqvist, FINLAND | Annik Janssens, BELGIUM | Antanas Adomaitis, LITHUANIA | Anthony Reganato, USA | Antoine Aizier, FRANCE | Anton Franz Hoeger, USA | Antonia Gesche, GERMANY | Anzhelika Bondarenko, RUSSIA | Ava Sheppard, USA | Bai Yujia, CHINA | Baitao Zhang, CHINA | Bakhtiyar Urakov, UZBEKISTAN | Barbara Brundage, USA | Barbara Keim, USA | Barbara Tracy, USA | Barry Smylie, CANADA | Becky Rowe, GERMANY | BeeHoon Lim, MALAYSIA | Bela Balog, HUNGARY | Ben Benet, USA | Benjamin Leckie, UK | Bennet Pankiraj, INDIA | Bernadette Blanchard, USA | Bianca Paraschiv, ROMANIA | Bing Lv, CHINA | Bing Yang, CHINA | Bingxin Zhao, CHINA | Bo Yao, CHINA | Bojan Grozdanović, SERBIA | Boyko Alexander, RUSSIA | Brent Besser, USA | Brian Woodsnvi, USA | Cameron Scott, UK | Cao Wenya, CHINA | Caren Jo Shapiro, USA | Carin Lavery, AUSTRALIA | Carina Imbrogno, USA | Carissa Meng, NEW ZEALAND | Carlos Ponce, VENEZUELA | Carly Tyll, CANADA | Carmen Rey, SPAIN | Caroline Dejeneffe, USA | Caroline Feiveson, USA | Cassidy Austin, USA | Cassidy Barnett, USA | Cecilia Sjölund, SWEDEN | Cedric van Eenoo, USA | Celine Chanwy, CHINA | Chang Wan Jin, SOUTH KOREA | Chang Yu-Chen, TAIWAN | Chao Li, CHINA | Charis Hernandez, USA | Charmaine Maw, UK | Chen Chao Haitao, CHINA | Chen Fei, CHINA | Cheng Bai, CHINA | Cheng Yeow Chye, MALAYSIA | Chenyao He, USA | Cher Pruys, CANADA | Chloe Fitzpatrick, UK | Chloe Jung, USA | Christopher B Fowler, USA | Chunming Yuan, CHINA | Cici Artemisia, USA | Cindy Rothery, CANADA | Claire Mantle, USA | Clara Wild, SOUTH AFRICA | Clare Zhao, CANADA | Clyde J. Kell, USA | Colter May, USA | CoolByron, USA | Crisoula Lazaridis, USA | Cristiana Munteanu, ROMANIA | Crystal Rodriguez, USA | Cynthia Celone, USA | Cyril France, UK | D. Ghosh, INDIA | Dalibor Dado Cetkovic, MONTENEGRO | Dalit Fresco, USA | Danella Lei, USA | Daniel Barbedillo, MEXICO | Daniel Kim, USA | Daniel Pailes-Friedman, USA | Daniela Russo, THAILAND | Danielle Mbenda, USA | Daria Zvereva, RUSSIA | Darko Stanic, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA | Dave Anderson, USA | Dave LaMure Jr., USA | David Garber, USA | David Haley, USA | David O' Flynn, IRELAND | Dean Charlton, USA | Deborah Esenkova, RUSSIA | Deborah Wage, USA | Delphine Poussot, USA | Deng Xiyang, CHINA | Derek Entwistle, JAPAN | Desmond Beach, USA | Devin Wesley, USA | Diana Fernández Vásquez, GUATEMALA | Diana Zabelina, RUSSIA | Diane Leon, USA | Dianne Marlin, USA | Dianne Vanstone, AUSTRALIA | Difei Fan, CHINA | Dina Klumbys, UK | Dingyi Fan, CHINA | Dominika Makowska, POLAND | Don Bergland, CANADA | Dong Su, CHINA | Dongmin Lai, CHINA | Durhl Davis, USA | Durhl R. Davis, USA | Durwood Coffey, USA | Dzhamilya Kukueva, RUSSIA | Eddie Cho, USA | Edina Soós, HUNGARY | Eduarda Quintana Favero, USA | Edwin Suarez, CANADA | Egor Maksimov, RUSSIA | Ekaterina Bystritskaya, RUSSIA | Elena Ansaloni, ITALY | Elena Nikiforova, RUSSIA | Elena Tretiakova, RUSSIA | Elena Zamlinskaia, RUSSIA | Elizabeth Dillman, USA | Elizabeth Kayl, USA | Elizabeth Nolen, USA | Elizaveta Ivanova, USA | Ellen Maidman-Tanner, USA | Ellen Raines, USA | Ellie Kayu Ng, USA | Ellina Podgornova, RUSSIA | Elliott Bliss, USA | Elvira Kamaletdinova-Shangareeva, RUSSIA | Emel Çevikcan, TURKEY | Emilia Cruz, USA | Emily Hughes, USA | Eran Prager, | Eric Shi, SINGAPORE | Eric Zoback, USA | Erin Fei, USA | Erin Philleo, USA | Estelle Asmodelle, AUSTALIA | Estelle Asmodelle, SPAIN | Esther van Hulsen, NORWAY | Eszter Anna Vörös, HUNGARY | Eugene Kuperman, USA | Ewelina Antoszczak, UK | Fabang Pei, CHINA | Fabiola Gironi, ITALY | Faith Choi, USA | Fang Xin, CHINA | Federico Fauli, UK | Fei Feng, CHINA | Fei Kang, CHINA | France Clavet, CANADA | Frank Koran, USA | Fu Shi, CHINA | Gabriele Franchetto, SWITZERLAND | Galya Koleva, BULGARIA | Gang Dai, CHINA | Gaya Lastovjak, POLAND | Gayathri Seshadri, UK | Gayle Printz, USA | Georgia Tseri, GREECE | Giovanni Cima, ITALY | Goran Makeski, SWITZERLAND | Grace Collett, UK | Grace Jinou Huang, CHINA | Grace Wilhelm, USA | Griet van den Auwelant, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Guangchen Xue, CHINA | Guglielmo Botter, ITALY | Guo Yu, CHINA | Hai Wang, CHINA | Hailey Yommer, USA | Han Shuai, CHINA | Hanna Supetran, PHILIPPINES | Hao Ting, CHINA | Haro Istamboulian, USA | Harshini Thavathiru Murugan, USA | Hartini Gibson, USA | Heather Brown Cadalzo, USA | Heather Milliman, USA | Heather Oltrogge, USA | Heejae Helen Kim, USA | Helena Wilsen-Saunders, UK | Henry Gozoozu, USA | Hilary Saner, USA | Huafeng Xing, CHINA | Huaqi Li, CHINA | Hui Li, CHINA | Huiming Yang, CHINA | Hung-Ying (Laura) Lee, TAIWAN | Iana Lu, RUSSIA | Igor Grigoletto, ITALY | Ildar Minnegalimov, RUSSIA | Ina Fitsner, BELARUS | Inbal Kristin, ISRAEL | Irada Anisova, RUSSIA | Irene Choe, USA | Irina Kirishina, RUSSIA | Irina Makovskaya, USA | Irina Petrovskaya, RUSSIA | Irina Safronova, BELARUS | Iryna Akimova, UKRAINE | Isabelle Kim, USA | Iuliia Bereznikova, RUSSIA | Iuliia Kravchenko, RUSSIA | Ivan Kuindzhi, RUSSIA | Ivan Kurganov, RUSSIA | J. J. Foley, USA | Jai Clark, USA | Jaimie Barchus, USA | Jamie Seerman, USA | Jane Lantsman, ISRAEL | Janet Clukie, USA | Jared Trask, CANADA | Jason B. Bryant, USA | Jason Green, USA | Jean-Marc Sanchez, FRANCE | Jean-René Rinvil, HAITI | Jeff Gao, USA | Jeff Pullen, USA | Jennie Du Juan, SINGAPORE | Jennie Dujuan, SINGAPORE | Jennifer Chung, USA | Jerram Harte, USA | Jerry Rodney Dennis, USA | Jesse Payne, QATAR | Jessica Crawford, USA | Jessica Prather, USA | Jessica Tang Xianhong, CHINA | Jianfang Jia, CHINA | Jiangbo Lin, CHINA | Jianing Jiang, CHINA | Jiankai Wang, CHINA | Jiao Lu, CHINA | Jiao Man, CHINA | Jing Guan, CHINA | Jing Wen, CHINA | Jingyu Yang, CHINA | Joanie Baldwin, USA | John Diephouse, USA | John Martin Streeby, USA | John Sharp, USA | John Trowsdale, UK | Jon B. Paulsen, NORWAY | Jon Bøe Paulsen, NORWAY | Jon Braun, USA | Joon-Young Lee, SOUTH KOREA | Jordana Rae Gassner, GERMANY | Joseph Santarpia, USA | Josephine Karina, INDONESIA | Josh Universe, USA | Joy Al, USA | Jules Franck Mondoloni, FRANCE | Julia Isabel Rybchynska, UKRAINE | Julia Isabel Rybchynska, USA | Julia Mekes, NETHERLANDS | Julijana Voloder, CROATIA | Junhe Zhu, CHINA | Jürgen Mohr, CANADA | Justin Barfield, USA | Kai Lun Qu, USA | Kai Tian, CHINA | Kakajan Charyyev, BELARUS | Karen Khan, USA | Karen M. Holgerson, USA | Karolina Krzynowek, UK | Kate Hanley, USA | Katerina Bystrova, RUSSIA | Kateryna Ivonina, UKRAINE | Katherine Klimitas, USA | Kathie Miller, USA | Kathy Burns, USA | Katrina Tia-Jasmine, USA | Katsiaryna Parukava, BELARUS | Ke Liao, CHINA | Keerthi Akkinapuram, USA | Kelly Singleton, USA | Ken Preston, UK | Kenta Aoki, JAPAN | Keri Katt, USA | Ketut Berger, USA | Kim Long, USA | Kimin Kang, USA | Klara Pfeiffer, GERMANY | Kohji Liam Pabustan, USA | Kristi Richter, USA | Kristina Ifanova, RUSSIA | Ksenia Polzikova, RUSSIA | Kuntal Choudhary, USA | Kwong Kwok Wai, CHINA | Kyle Minarsky, USA | Kyunga Shin, USA | Lam Jasmine Bauman, USA | Larisa Ananchenko, RUSSIA | Larisa Hairetdinova, RUSSIA | Lauren Sanmartin, USA | Leah Probst, CANADA | Leandra Brandson, CANADA | Lena Langer, RUSSIA | Letizia Pecci, GERMANY | Lev Bogorov, USA | Li Furong, CHINA | Li Hui, CHINA | Li Kwan Lin, CHINA | Li Li, USA | Li Mingxuan, CHINA | Li Zhao, CHINA | Liangzuo Liu, CHINA | Lidija Nidorfer Gaudez, FRANCE | Lilei, CHINA | Lily Adamczyk, USA | Lin Qin, CHINA | Linda McCord, USA | Linda R. Bester, AUSTRALIA | Linda Reymore, USA | Lindsey Ahn, USA | Linn Saffer, USA | Liu Jiaqin, CHINA | Liu Sizhen, CHINA | Liya Liang, CHINA | Liz McGrath, USA | Long Yuan, CHINA | Lori Love, USA | Lorri Dixon, USA | Luc Villard, FRANCE | Lucas Arellanes, USA | Luisa Patricia Vicente Isola, ARGENTINA | Luke Mosling, USA | Lusie Schellenberg, SWITZERLAND | Luzhou Chen, CHINA | Lynn Weilin, USA | Madlen Fox, RUSSIA | Makeski Goran, SWITZERLAND | Maksim Echein, RUSSIA | Mandy Hegewald, GERMANY | Manjit Vohra, USA | Marc Raphael, USA | Marcello Galleano, ITALY | Margaret Zymali, USA | Margarita Henriksson, SWEDEN | Maria Nekrasova, USA | Maria Vysotskaya, RUSSIA | Marianna Balog Kisbakonyiné, HUNGARY | Marina Berezina, RUSSIA | Marina Bordovska, SWEDEN | Marina Guldbrand, FINLAND | Marina Papadatos, AUSTRALIA | Marina Protic, SERBIA | Marjorie and Bob Moskowitz, USA | Mark A. Dierker, USA | Mark Scavinoe, USA | Martha Shcherbich, BELARUS | Martine Allard, CANADA | Mary Groesser, USA | Mary Morgan, USA | Mateo Omar, USA | Matt Patterson, USA | Mauro Sobrinho, BRAZIL | Melanie Zibit, USA | Melayna Stuckey, USA | Mele Barton, USA | Melissa Angles, USA | Melissa Kowalchuk, CANADA | Mengdi Liu, CHINA | Merritt Richardson, USA | Michael Bocci, USA | Michaela Moffett, USA | Michel Devanakis, GREECE | Michelle Graves, USA | Mijin Kwon, SOUTH KOREA | Ming Qin, CANADA | Mingyu Jiang, CHINA | Miren Etcheverry, USA | Miriam Modena, ITALY | Misak Hartenyan, ARMENIA | Misao Adachi, USA | Moon Ramone, AUSTRALIA | Morgan Rogers, USA | Musharapova Zulfiia, CABO VERDE | My Linh Mac, VIETNAM | N. Prima, RUSSIA | Nadezhda Loginova, RUSSIA | Nadezhda Opekunova, RUSSIA | Nadiia Troian, UKRAINE | Nan Ye, CHINA | Nan Zhang, CHINA | Nancy Chen, CHINA | Nancy Jacey, USA | Nancy Jo Ward, USA | Naomi Nevo Ben Ari, USA | Nata Chebarkova, CYPRUS | Natalia Shudrik, RUSSIA | Natalie Bragina, GERMANY | Natalie Rusinova, RUSSIA | Natalie Woodson, USA | Nataliya Kirilenko, RUSSIA | Natalya Sluginova, RUSSIA | Nathan Miller, USA | Neeha Reddy V, USA | Nevenka Spasic-Thater, SERBIA | Nicholas King, USA | Nicholas Kriefall, USA | Nichole Burroughs, USA | Nikita Dulerain, LITHUANIA | Nikolai Taidakov, GERMANY | Nina Romanova, RUSSIA | Noah Klavens, USA | Norm Ellis, USA | O Yemi Tubi, UK | Oenone Hammersley, USA | Olena Donichenko, FRANCE | Olga Bezlepkina, RUSSIA | Olga Rogovets, CANADA | Olivia Checiu, ROMANIA | Olivia Lee, USA | Oresta Kinash, UKRAINE | Ou Huang, CHINA | Oxana Babkina, CANADA | Paige Baldwinson, USA | Palirina, BELARUS | Pamela Dey, CANADA | Pamela Nigro, USA | Panpan Li, CHINA | Patrice Lambeau, GERMANY | Patrick Joosten, FRANCE | Patrizia Gallo, COSTA RICA | Patrycja Kuczyk, POLAND | Patsy J. Lindamood, USA | Patsy Lindamood, USA | Paula Christenson, USA | Paula Marie Deubel, USA | Paulina Kasia Zielska, POLAND | Paulina Katarzyna Zielska, POLAND | Peizhen Li, CHINA | Peletskaya Lada, RUSSIA | Peter Brenner, CANADA | Phan Hien, SINGAPORE | Polie Polienkova, UKRAINE | Polina Kuprianova, RUSSIA | Poul Christensen, DENMARK | Pramod Sahu, INDIA | Qiangjie Wu, CHINA | Qing Zhang, CHINA | Qingquan Zhang, CHINA | Qirui Lan, CHINA | Qiu Weifen, CHINA | Qixuan Wu, CHINA | Quanquan Yu Wang, USA | Rachel Sierra Haslett, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC | Rachel Wolfe, AUSTRALIA | Raffaele Coletta, ITALY | Ralph Miller, USA | Rebekah Hong, USA | Rekha Yatindra Mudbidri, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Renato Marandino, BRAZIL | Richard Sexton, USA | Rima Azatyan, ARMENIA | Rimtautė Emilija Rastenytė, LITHUANIA | Rina Polichenkova, RUSSIA | Rizelle Jane Gabor, PHILIPPINES | Robert Obier, USA | Rohini Mukherjee, INDIA | Roka Walsh, USA | Romina Schimpf, ARGENTINA | Rommel Mendoza, PHILIPPINES | Ron Greig, CANADA | Ronald Walker, USA | Rongxuan Cao, CHINA | Roxanne Baechler, USA | Roy Tibbits, CANADA | Roza Savinova, RUSSIA | Ruimiao Wang, CHINA | Ruzzo Maren, USA | S.V. Tharkey, HAITI | Sabrina Truong, USA | Sam Weiss, USA | Sandhya Sharma, USA | Sandy Moser, CANADA | Sara Rahmani, USA | Sarah Budean, USA | Sarah K. Ahearn, USA | Sarah McBride, CANADA | Sergiy Nagorny, USA | Shangguan Mingfang, CHINA | Shangxi Zhu, CHNA | Shaun Hu, CHINA | Shawna Hinkel, USA | Sheena McCorquodale, CANADA | Sheena McCorquodale, USA | Shenghui Lin, CHINA | Sherry Been, USA | Sherry Swafford Page, USA | Shimrit Yariv, ISRAEL | Shr-Ying Wu, TAIWAN | Shuai Han, CHINA | Shuhua Jin, CHINA | Shuppette, SPAIN | Shuxin Cai, CHINA | Sihua Liu, CHINA | Simon Shi, CHINA | Snezana Djordjevic, SERBIA | Snigdha Mall Singh, USA | Sophie Harvey, USA | Sophie Parkhill, UK | Soumithri Jagalur, INDIA | Stan Evenson, USA | Stella Alexander, USA | Stephen Mauldin, USA | Stephen Watkins, UK | Steve Jensen, USA | Su Liu, CHINA | Suan Jeong, USA | Sun Lining, CHINA | Suqin Lu, CHINA | Susan Vodonick, USA | Susanne Elisabeth, NETHERLANDS | Susanne Fumelli, GERMANY | Svetlana Martin, GERMANY | Svetlana Navalikhina, RUSSIA | Sylvia Maria Gortz, USA | Taehyub Lee, USA | Tais Nikitenko, RUSSIA | Taiwo Isimi, NIGERIA | Tamzin Short, SWEDEN | Tanvir Azad, CANADA | Tanya Powell, USA | Tanya Seleznyova, RUSSIA | Tat Kuen Ko, CHINA | Tatiana An, NETHERLANDS | Tatiana Belova, RUSSIA | Tatiana Fedorova, RUSSIA | Tatiana Lokhmacheva, RUSSIA | Teresa Letizia Bontà, ITALY | Terrance Longtin, USA | Terry Crump, USA | Terry Gregoraschuk, CANADA | Theodore Heublein, USA | Theresa Florez, USA | Thomas Oscar Miles, UK | Thomas W. Hagen, USA | Tian Zhang, CHINA | Tiantian Ji, CHINA | Ting Wu, CANADA | Tom Guetersloh, USA | Tom Mulqueen, USA | Travis Straw, USA | Trent Montgomery, USA | Troy Hamilton, USA | Tuo Yu, CHINA | Ulrike Neuhaus, GERMANY | Usha Roy, INDIA | Utaellamarie Peter, GERMANY | Vahid Abaszade, IRAN | Valeriia Demidova, RUSSIA | Vanessa Rosalia Larsen, NORWAY | Vera Bondare, LATVIA | Vera Hoi, AUSTRIA | Veronica Hauresz, USA | Veronica Kober, RUSSIA | Victoria Dael, RUSSIA | Victoria Gancheva, NEW ZEALAND | Victoria Limonina, RUSSIA | Violet Huff, USA | Violet Maimbourg, USA | Vladimir Petrovskii, RUSSIA | Vyncex Gorlami, USA | Wan Jia, CHINA | Wang Han Boqun, CHINA | Wang Hanxing, CHINA | Wang Ling Li, TAIWAN | Wang Yanfeng, CHINA | Wang Yingxu, CHINA | Waviparti, USA | Wayne Claypatch, USA | Wei Deng, CHINA | Wei Meng, CHINA | Wei Meng, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Wei Zhang, CHINA | Weicheng Lai, CHINA | Weifan Li, CHINA | Wenlan Lu, USA | Wiktoria Guzelf, SWITZERLAND | William Cohen, NEW ZEALAND | Xenia Voronicheva, RUSSIA | Xia Lingtao, CHINA | Xiabing Shen, CHINA | Xiang Shi, CHINA | Xiangdong Liu, CHINA | Xiaogang Zheng, CHINA | Xiaolin Liu, CHINA | Xiaolu Liu, CHINA | Xiaoqi Tang, CHINA | Xiaowei Liu, CHINA | Xiaowei Zhang, CHINA | Xiaoyan Lin, CHINA | Xiaoyong Zhang, CHINA | Xin Fang, CHINA | Xin Gong, CHINA | Xinglin Mo, CHINA | Xinyi Lv, CHINA | Xiqiang Fei, CHINA | Xue Xu, CHINA | Xuran (Abby) Guo, USA | Yan Zi, CHINA | Yana Senchylo, USA | Yana Shvets, UKRAINE | Yang Liu, CHINA | Yaoyao Li, CHINA | Yeon Joo Lee, USA | Yi Hsuan Sung, USA | Yin Huang, CHINA | Yixian Hou, CHINA | Yoda, CHINA | Yong An Yang, CANADA | Yong Zhang, CHINA | Yongfu He, CHINA | Yoonsuh (Erin) Lee, SOUTH KOREA | Youri Messen-Jaschin, SWITZERLAND | Yu Jiazheng, CHINA | Yu Shujun, CHINA | Yue Zeng, USA | Yufan Ji, CHINA | Yujuan Ma, CHINA | Yulia Plyatova, RUSSIA | Yuliia Klotz, GERMANY | Yulya Dyachenko, RUSSIA | Yun Hu, CHINA | Yun Ling, CHINA | Yunqi Li, CHINA | Yuyang Qiao, CHINA | Yuying Chi, CHINA | Yuzhang Pang, CHINA | Zachary Lassen, USA | Zaiming Xiao, CHINA | Zbigniew Nowicki, POLAND | Zee Zee, TURKEY | Zeenat Javaid, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | Zeng Hongji, CHINA | Zhang Wei, CHINA | Zhao Shiyong, CHINA | Zhen Guo, CHINA | Zhengquan Xiang, CHINA | Zhengwei Li, CHINA | Zhibing Zhang, CHINA | Zhihao Mo, CHINA | Zhiyuan Chen, CHINA | Zhou Hui, CHINA | Zhu Xihua, CHINA | Ziyi Chen, CHINA | Zoe Anna Moss, THAILAND





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