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Effective October 8th, 2020


ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL’s subscriber mailing lists, participating artist lists, and any other contact information entered into our site’s database are never sold, rented, traded, leased, bartered, or otherwise disclosed outside of ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL without the consent of the subscriber. We hate receiving spam as much as you do.

Artists who contribute to our exhibitions, competitions, or otherwise provide us with their public contact information (public email address, phone numbers, addresses, websites, social media details, etc.) do so at their own risk. In order to participate in any of our events, we do not require any public contact information other than a current email address for our records which we use to contact you. Your email is also used to communicate your status in our exhibitions and competitions, cash prizes or awards won, sale of your artworks, new opportunities, policy changes, etc. If you haven’t disclosed your public contact information on our site, messages received from any organization or individual intended for you via will be simply forwarded to you by ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL for privacy reasons.


All payments made to ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL, or for goods and services rendered via ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL’s website, are directly handled by our secure third-party service providers, PayPal and Stripe, and not by us. Any changes that need to be made to your submissions or payment methods must be done by you directly through them. ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL will never have access to your financial records, and all sensitive information you furnish to them shall remain confidential and outside the purview of ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL. 



ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL sends out monthly newsletters to its subscribing artists. To opt out of these emails, you could respond to one of our emails with the word “REMOVE” or “UNSUBSCRIBE” in the subject line. You could also contact us directly with your request at We know that your time is valuable, and so are extremely prompt and responsive to your queries, and will be happy to accommodate your request.



ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to modify its PRIVACY POLICY at any time and without any prior notice. ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL is not liable if any time-sensitive communication to you is filtered to your Spam folder, or if your contact information on file is not up to date. You agree that ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL shall not be liable to you or any third party for any modification, suspension, or discontinuance of the Service, or changes made to other content on the website.


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