Unique and Profitable Passive Income Solutions for Emerging Artists

Updated: Feb 18

Creative artists can only come up with unique arts and masterpieces when they are motivated by their work. The world of art is such that artists often find themselves out of touch with their art. If the artist is a writer, we call that phrase ‘writer’s block.’

Writer’s block is a phase or a period where the artist is unable to produce any creative content. They are either too exhausted or overwhelmed with the reality that they need a break just to get their headspace back on track and start with their love -- their art -- again.

All kinds of artists experience this block-phase or a slowdown in working for their own art due to various reasons. One of the main reasons is their source of income. Often, artists have to depend on other mainstream jobs to earn for themselves. Earning from their art is not enough to suffice for themselves and their family.

For example, musicians and theater artists often resort to teaching and tutoring other young talents. Although teaching is a great way to showcase and nurture their own talents, they often do not get the time to work on new projects. In the end, they come at a standstill, where they are just limited to teaching and forget to create new art.

Passive Income Solutions for Artists

  • Win a Contest

Several kinds of contests are held to choose the best among the participants in painting, acting, photography, music, and more. These contests generally consist of prelims, a few rounds, followed by the finale, where the winner is awarded a hefty cash prize.

If you trust your skills and have full faith in your work to be of the highest quality, you should participate in these competitions. Even if you are not selected for First place, you can be confident to win the Runners-up prizes as well. You will be pleased to know that the cash prizes awarded to the runner ups are quite hefty too. In fact, cash prizes are given to as many as eight artists in each of the contests.

Solo art exhibitions are also held at the Art Show International in virtually all media, 2D and 3D. Here, too, you stand a chance to win a significant cash prize ($1,000). Besides that, you will be promoted and gain considerable exposure as one of the top artistic talents in the world of art.

Art Show International also conducts juried and other themed art competitions, so you can choose to participate in a contest to match up your strengths as an artist. This way, you can save funds to pay for all your art supply and photography gear.

  • Make Tutorials

This is one of the creative ways of bestowing your knowledge to the whole world. This creativity is used by many around the world these days so you might have seen at least one tutorial video of a guitarist or a painter by now.

Making tutorials is one of the best ways to promote your mastery in fine American art as it does not involve scheduling as professional teaching assignments would. You can just make a series of tutorial videos or blogs on how to become a better artist, and then simply upload it online and create your own dedicated fan base.

In the age of the Internet, every Tom, Dick, and Harry could upload videos of their art tutorials online. And if they can shine, so can you. Many popular artists of today have in fact emerged from these tutorials and have gone on to become big names in the art industry. Once you get a strong footing in making tutorials, you will get fame too, and depending on the number of views and subscribers, earn steady cash as bonus points.

The key here is to be consistent with your tutorials so that the audience and learners stay interested and intrigued by your content. Make sure your tutorials are not only educational and professional but also fun to watch. There are many platforms for presenting your tutorials, like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Reddit. All these platforms come with their own set of rules and regulations that you must abide by.

There is also an option of selling your tutorials as free courses on the Internet. The idea behind ultimately converting your tutorials into courses is that it helps you in the interim period since it often takes time to begin monetizing on YouTube and other such platforms. Meanwhile, you can grow your follower base and also earn from it by skillfully converting your tutorials into a course.

  • Showcase your Work at a Gallery

Art Show International has archives and galleries especially dedicated to winners and deserving artists. If you manage to get your art showcased at these galleries, chances are it’s only a matter of time before you might become one of the leading artists in your medium of choice.

If you’re concerned about earning, which you should, being one of the top artists in the world will help you earn passive income through all your works. Just remember to keep updating and adding to your artist portfolio to increase your exposure in the art world.

Lastly, it’s worth keeping in mind that art galleries not only showcase talents but also help to sell art online at a worth which they deserve. The art that you create is priceless to you, and so it must be sold at a price that acknowledges your creativity and passion. On the other hand, art is highly subjective, so you will always run into situations where many of the art galleries might not accept your work. But don’t lose hope. There will always be galleries that will find your work riveting and stunning, and will readily offer up their gallery space to showcase your artworks.


Art does not come to everybody, and even those of us for whom art is a lifelong passion has to work hard to nurture it until a masterpiece emerges that they can be proud of to call their own. As an artist, always find new subjects and inspirations to work from, since you cannot afford to lose interest in driving your own creativity. To avoid this, always be true to yourself and pursue the passion that can keep you satisfied.

Passive income is the optimal way to keep yourself immersed in your artwork as you continue to grow and mature as an artist. And when you can be both active and passive, you are well on your way to succeeding as an artist. The comprehensive guide we have provided here will hopefully assist you in the process of becoming a successful artist.