Unique Methods to Sell Your Artworks Online

If you are an artist looking to sell your art online, you might have come on a long journey. This journey must include you learning your art, your hardships as an artist, you trying to promote your art and showcase it to the world, and much more. Post all these hassles, now you are looking forward to earning a living out of your passion.

It can get quite tough to build your art business from the scratch and make it into a huge standalone commercial company. After making your art and collaborating with other artists, you will need to sit with finance and arrange events to promote and sell your art.

The difference in this decade is that you are not bound to sell your art in physical art galleries. Since times have changed, online art galleries have become a thing now. The Art Show International hosts a lot of themed online art galleries and art shows for you to showcase your talent.

Online art galleries are not the only ways to sell art online. There are other ways of how to sell art online, which include social media, eCommerce websites, blog websites, and more. Although art galleries still exist very much in the online space, eCommerce websites and eCommerce methods have been an effective tool to sell your art online.

Earlier about a decade ago, artists used to struggle with selling their art online. Now, these starving artists are nowhere to be seen as opportunities of earning have increased for the artists. Artists are merrily earning a lot of money by selling their art on different sorts of eCommerce platforms.

Best Ways to Sell Your Artworks Online

  • Consult partnering with an Art Gallery

If you want to go the traditional way of selling your art, you can make a partnership with an art gallery. If the art gallery juries find you eligible, they will showcase your artworks in the gallery for sale.

This way, the art gallery becomes a middleman between you and the customer. You keep producing as many of your art pieces as possible and the art gallery takes care of promoting and selling them to a customer.

  • Participate in an Art Competition

You can participate in art competitions that award cash prizes to the winners. Although participating in an art competition might not be a steady or regular source of income, it is definitely a good way to raise funds.

You can raise funds to keep your hobby and passion for creating art alive by winning one of these art competitions. The Art Show International has many competitions lined up every year. It also claims to provide cash prizes for runner up places and special mentions as well apart from the winner.

So, some of the art competitions have a lot of probability in assisting you to win a decent amount of cash prizes. Irrespective of whether you become a winner or a runner up, you will get exciting cash prizes and opportunities that might further help in your career as an artist.

  • Sell Your Art to an Online Merchant

There are many online merchants available who buy artworks from you only to sell them to a third party. These merchants are professionals who are adept at selling artworks. So, they run their own business by selling artworks they buy from independent and emerging artists to customers.

There are online and offline merchants who would be ready to buy your artwork and put a hefty price tag on it. The key here is to receive a good sum for your artwork from these merchants before they go on to sell it to the customers.

  • Sell Your Artwork to a Gallerist

Gallerists are individuals who own a gallery or an individual representing a gallery. Their work is to collect quality artworks from artists before putting them up in their gallery’s display areas. It can be a wise idea to sell your artworks to a gallerist.

It will ensure that your artworks are in safe hands and the people visiting the gallery will be able to look at your artworks. Your artworks will have the potential of getting admired and appreciated after you have received a good cash amount for them.

  • Sell Your Artworks through Social Media

Facebook and Instagram are great ways to sell your artworks as millions of users use them worldwide. Creating a strong follower base on Facebook and Instagram as a business account will grow your sales and popularity in the market.

People are easier to reach through social media as the user base is huge there. With time, it has become a growing trend to promote and sell your products through these social media platforms. The only thing you need to succeed in making a business out of social media is good marketing skills.

Social media marketing is a whole new ball game in itself. It takes a lot of time and skills to promote your products through social media for them to reach the maximum amount of target audience. It is the same for the art industry as well, and to sell your art easily through social media, you need to up your marketing game.

  • Sell as a Curator

The only possibility we have not discussed in the whole article is what if you are not an artist. If you are not an artist personally, but you want to sell art as a curator, you will need to have connections with the best artists in your area.

To become a curator, you will need to have connections with both artists and merchants. A curator works as a middleman between the customers/merchants and the artist. So, to become a successful curator, you have to be aware of your finances and deal with the merchants and artists accordingly.

Ending Note

To start with selling art online, you need to know the basics of the art industry and the latest market trends. The guide provided here will help you lead through various situations that you might be in as an artist or curator. The only way to become a successful artist is to share your artwork with the world.

No better way to share your artworks than to sell them to the world. As people get to know more of style and perceptions, it will create a lasting impact as an artist on the people around you. Selling your artworks will permanently ensure your immortality in the art industry.