Why Are Gallery Commissions so High?

Art Galleries are the emerging trend to sell paintings, crafts, sculptures, embroideries, and other artwork. The gallery gives an opportunity to the artist for exhibiting their art form to a large group of audiences. The wide reach and fame would have been impossible otherwise.

There is a lot to learn and know when it comes to showcasing your artwork in the gallery. How do you approach the gallery owner and decide on the meeting based on your portfolio? Is it you who price your work or it’s just the opposite?

All these questions can baffle you before making the final settlement with the owner. Moreover, you may think about how much commission is standard pricing that a gallery should charge?

In this article, we will provide insights into why galleries charge a high commission. This will give an idea of whether the high pricing is justifiable or not. Let’s delve into the aspects.

Reasons for High Gallery Commission Charges

  • Creative Supplier

The artworld is full of competition, and it’s challenging to break through the game. It needs creative suppliers that have a good connection and reach in the industry market. They have their own marketing department working on strategies to sell the artwork.

It typically involves upscaling the gallery with proper lighting and display so it appears aesthetically pleasing. The creative supplier curates different art forms from various genres of artists feeding the appetite of the visitors. It also requires them to know about the trends existing in the market and know the state of the art that people are willing to buy.

The creative suppliers possess multi skills that go a long way in making the art deal successful. They have in-depth knowledge and acumen of a specific genre of art, public relations, and fundraising skills. The maximum commission goes to the creative supplier for their elaborate task associated with art galleries.

  • Exhibition Fees

Art exhibitions are becoming a popular trend for art gallery online when it comes to displaying artwork. Though, exhibitions don’t play a direct role in negotiating a deal, starting an auction, or setting prices for the work of artists. Artists can use exhibitions in other ways to drum up interest in their work.

Exhibitions are more of a catalyst for art that represents and display ideas making them more relevant and accessible to contemporary audiences. It is an excellent way to elaborate the art with catchy headlines, art descriptions. Inspirations, and essays defining the same. Artists get a fantastic opportunity to motivate and inspire visitors in their favor.

Attending the art exhibitions also benefits them to get in acquaintance with several personalities. It gives them a scope to develop their existing network and make their career more promising. This is another reason why your commission charges can increase when it comes to displaying in art galleries.

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