Let’s Talk About Art In The Era Of COVID-19

Many industries went for a toss during the emergence lockdown of COVID-19. It was believed that the art industry also had the same fate as the other industries, and people became more concerned about health and safety, rather than entertainment. Gradually, it seemed that whoever believed that was mistaken because the lockdown period allowed people to enjoy any type of art at their leisure in their homes.

The art styles could be anything, starting from movies, videos, songs and photography to even paintings and etchings as well. Many people had to sit at home and do their office work and things started to become monotonous and boring. Going out was not an option, so everything a person could do was inside the house.

The game-changing fact in the era of COVID-19 was that people began to take up old hobbies to kill time. Dancing, singing, playing an instrument, drawing and painting are some of the common interests a person has. So, individuals took up hobbies to spend time and also to get better at it.

In the digital era, everyone has access to online content and the first step to learning or watching art was to find some good references online. People began taking inspiration from their favorite artists performing the art form to get a perspective about how to do it themselves.

You might have heard that imitation is an art and everybody learns something by imitating others. So, people sitting at home began imitating their favorite artists and then enhanced their own skill sets and made their own identities. Now, once you think that you are adept at doing something, you want to showcase that skill, isn’t it?

Naturally, people wanted to showcase the skills, they had learned, on a decent platform. There was no physical platform available in the pandemic. The only platform they had was the digital medium.

How Art Emerged as the Medium for Self-Expression in the Era of COVID-19

  • Requirement

Demand needs to be created before the supply of any item. So, why was Art a requirement during the time when the world was going through one of the worst phases it has ever seen?

The answer lies in the question itself, as when you are going through some of the toughest phases in life, you need support.

So, when the world was in the dark and the hope for light was nowhere to be seen, people had to express their feelings and aspirations to derive self-motivation. Yes, communicating with your loved ones in the house or online is a great way to let your feelings out. But, it is not enough as the isolation and suffocation of being inside a house all the time eats you up.

Self-expression, be it in any form, became art through which you could convey your feelings to the world. As the world is still recovering from the storm that came with the pandemic, it is gearing up for fine american art shows and exhibitions online. Those artists who up-skilled themselves can participate in art competitions and exhibitions being held worldwide.

So far, the art medium has emerged as the top industry in which individuals are investing. All we need is some hope and positivity to survive. So, during the time when there is a dire need of positivity and hope, people are resorting to their choice of art mediums to derive them.

  • Performance

How art has performed as a medium of expression during the pandemic is inspiring. People around the world have started celebrating in worldwide competitions. This way, individuals around the world are getting an opportunity to share their artwork, perspective, and culture through a single digital source.

Art has the ability to bind people together and it is no different in the case of people from different regions. If you have a taste for fine American art, you can visit art galleries and exhibitions held online, where this type of art is being portrayed.

Movies, shorts films, short video playthroughs of dancing and singing have found a prominent place in the hearts of people. These were the only forms of entertainment available from the leisure of everybody’s homes.

Generally, people used to go to theaters to watch movies and attend concerts for live shows. Now, as the world-view has changed, many OTT platforms, like Disney+, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime are aiming towards producing live content.

As we can see, the performance of the art medium is pretty successful in strengthening its presence around the world. As more people are jumping on the bandwagon of dedicating time to their hobbies, more people are delving into the world of art.

Sometimes, it happens that in hopes of earning money and a bright future, many have to give up on their passion for art. The pandemic has brought them an opportunity in disguise to take a second chance with their passion to see if something comes out of it. Overall, the art industry is huge right now and it will keep growing in the future as well.

Ending Note

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost all types of industries to a huge extent, except for the healthcare industry. The demand in the healthcare sector was overflowing as additional staff, inventory, medicines, tools, and equipment were required to contain the rising number of COVID cases.

Meanwhile, other industries had to get rid of some of their employees in order to cut down its operation cost. People began losing their jobs and went into depression. Suddenly, top companies started losing market share and it was a concern for businesses worldwide.

In such dark times, what kept us alive was our entanglement with the digital medium. As much as the medium updated with unimaginable stories happening around the world, it also helped us cope with entertainment and art. Individuals conveyed what they felt through art and entertainment and the viewers listened to them.

Gradually, the decline phase of COVID-19 began that gave rise to digital competitions and art shows. This paved the way for new artists around the world. Artforms have evolved a lot now from the past and the pandemic has definitely changed the way we perceive art in many ways.