Our ARTIST GRANT program began, just like every other innovative program we developed, as a means to support artists during COVID, a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic that wreaked havoc on artists' lives and their livelihoods, so their needs cannot wait the time needed to conduct a full-scale grant application. Concurrently, we ran a number of art competitions, in which we were able to give out cash prizes of $11,350 to 176 artists.



National Photographic Society encourages all amateur and professional photographers around the world to submit their best images to their upcoming Contests. Annual competitions offer a prize amount of $14,400. There are no limit to the number of Contests you can simultaneously enter. There’s a limit of 5 images per entry for each Contest with a flat $25 entry fee. National Photographic Society is a nonprofit organization and uses the non-refundable fees to provide prizes and awards, and to help advance its core missions.


Files are required to be less than 2 MB and must be only in JPEG or JPG formatting. Please ensure that there aren’t any watermarks and signatures since all photos are judged anonymously, so having these will disqualify your submissions. You are able to submit up to 5 images per Contest Category, with no limit to the number of Categories you can participate in. As a photographer, you are given the widest latitude to build on the central Category as you see fit.


The current Categories include Nature, Culture, Black & White, and Wildlife. New categories are added almost on a weekly basis, so please bookmark us now, and come back to check often.



It’s necessary to ensure that all photos and titles are in the correct order before your final submission since there is no way to correct any mistakes once your works are submitted. You also will not be able to add to, change, or delete from, any of the photos submitted. For the Contests, you do not need a cohesive body of works, so you can experiment with submitting different style, execution, and artistic appeal in your works, as long as the photos adhere to the Contest Category.



Refer to the submission deadlines listed on the entry links for each Contest Category. For complete details on eligibility and restrictions, refer to the FAQs below.



Total amount of prize money given out during 2021 will be $14,400, and each Contest will carry cash prizes worth $600 with the following winners recognized within each Category. *

WINNER – Top Photographer Award $300
WINNER – Best Photo Award $200
WINNER – Special Merit Award $100

WINNER – Talent Award **


* Cash prizes are always sent via PayPal. If the recipient does not have a PayPal account, you can create one here

** Depending on the quality and quantity of submissions, additional finalists will be awarded Certificates of Recognition for each Category.



The entry fee in any Category is $25 flat for up to 5 photos. You may enter Contests on as many Categories as you like, although the maximum number of photos you can submit for a single Category is 5. 


See below for a list of  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).


For a list of all rules and regulations, please visit our Terms of Use.

What is the Artist Grant all about?
ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL is giving $1,000 financial grants to artists 4 times during the year.
How much time will it take me to apply for a grant?
52 seconds from first click to submission. Yes, we timed it.
How complicated is the application process?
It’s closer to zero on a scale from zero to infinity.
What information do I need to provide on my application?
1.    Your Name
2.    Your Email
3.    Your Art – Image, Title, Medium (3–5)
Those are the only 3 things you need before you hit the Submit button.
How much is the entry fee?
Will submitting multiple times increase my chances?
In a way, yes, because the jury will get to see more of your artworks.
Can I refer to my Instagram account or website for the jury to see more of my works?
Unfortunately, no. We’d like to keep the process fair and consistent for everyone so what you submit is only what the jury will see.
Anything else I need to keep in mind?
In a way, yes, because the jury will get to see more of your artworks.
When can I expect to hear back? 
Within 1 week after the closing date.
How do I know whether I am one of the grant recipients? 
We will email you.
Will I hear back from you if I’m not one of the grant recipients?
Yes, absolutely. We understand that not everyone can win, and we definitely appreciate your time, effort, and talent, and will hope that you’ll secure a grant next quarter.
Can I apply for a grant if I’ve already applied for previous ones?
Of course, and we encourage you to do so. The whole point is to even the playing field. You can apply even if you’ve applied in the past. 
Will I be considered for a grant if I’ve already been a grant recipient in the past?
Yes, the grant decision is made by separate and independent jury panels each time and does not take into account whether or not you’ve been a prior grant recipient. So, your chance of winning is always as good as any other artist applicant, no matter if or how many times you’ve won before.
What are my chances of getting a grant?
This depends on not just how many artists submit their entries each quarter, but also their artistic abilities, the jury decision, and a host of other things.
Do you take into account my previous artistic experience during the grant selection process?
No, we sure don’t. Since our process is intended to move away from institutional achievements where established artists already command a more favorable position, we don’t want the jury panel to be biased or influenced by your past accomplishments. This is also why we don’t want you to submit your CV, resume, or artist statement.
Will the jury know my name?
Not until the grant allocation is complete. We assign an alphanumeric number to your name, and the jury process is blind during the selection.
Why don’t you need an artist statement from me? Would it not explain my artistic outlook better?
Perhaps, but we also feel that there are too many artists out there whose talents aren’t being taken seriously because they are unknown to the world. We want them to get the same chance as other well-known artists. In this way, no artist will be judged based off of their statement or biography.
Do you make any profit from the entry fee?
We don’t (although that might change in the future). Any unused money is simply rolled over to next grant period and the overall prize money is increased. This way, either more artists get paid, or the same number of artists get paid out a higher grant money. 
So, does this mean ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL might actually lose money by giving out these grants?
Possibly, but hopefully this will only be temporary. Since the grant money is announced ahead of time, we’ll keep our end of the bargain and award the grant money for the next period. However, we might have to lower the grants given out in subsequent periods to zero out our losses. Remember, to survive, we need to stay afloat too.

How do I know that these grants are actually given out?
We’re 100% transparent in everything we do. This means that we’ll always advertise for you the names of the grant recipients each quarter. For your reference, we include below the long list of artists who have won cash prizes with us.
Is the entry fee refundable?
When can I expect to get paid if I’m one of the grant recipients?
No, the entry fee is non-refundable once a successful submission has been made to a Contest.
Why do you charge an entry fee?
National Photographic Society was established as a nonprofit organization working on behalf and for the benefit of photographers and contributors by displaying award-winning photos from around the world.
Our core mission as a nonprofit organization has been to award cash prizes, raise social awareness, and boost international recognition by holding juried competitions funded through sponsorships, associations, memberships, and participation fees. One of the ways we raise grant money as well as meet our operational costs is by charging a small entry fee.
How do I pay the entry fee?
When you click to enter the Contest, you will be taken to our secure payment portal. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to make a credit card payment. National Photographic Society accepts all major credit cards. After the payment has been successfully processed, you will be taken to the submission form to upload your photos and other application details.
When can I expect to get paid if I’m one of the grant recipients?
We plan to pay you within 2 weeks of announcing the grant results.
Do I need to be a citizen of any particular country to apply?
We welcome photographers from all corners of the globe and from every country in the world to participate in our Contests. We remain confident that our diversity is our greatest strength. 
Is there any age restriction for participating in the contest?
You will need to be at least 18 years of age to enter any Contest.

Have you given out cash prizes before?
Yes! If you read through the artist names below, you’ll see that as of April 2021, we’ve given out cash prizes to 28 talented artists.
How much prize money have you given out so far?
A little over $7,150 as of April 2021. And that number goes up by $1,700 each month.
Who owns the copyrights of my photos?
You. And it will always be that way.
How much annual prizes do you give out yearly?
Our current goal is to award over $22,000 in prize money to artists entering our art competitions just in 2021.
How much traffic does your site get?
We currently see over 124,000 sessions.
Where does your winning artists come from?
Our artists come from all over the world. Artists from 19 countries have won cash prizes, including South Africa, and USA. This data is current as of April 2021.
What do I do if I have more questions or need further clarifications?
Please feel free to email us at info@NatPhoto.org or directly to our email response team at info@NationalPhotographic.org and we will get back to you within one business day.

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