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Balloon Trail is inspired by “Island in the Sky” at Canyonlands National Park. It was a sight to behold and constantly made me wonder how the Island truly looks from the sky. I sculpted the balloons that I would ride in to gaze at the Island from multiple perspectives while time passed on by.

Cactus Splendor



After passing by numerous amounts of cacti during my trip in Arizona, there was one supreme leader who demanded my attention. Reaching up to 40 feet tall with an age of 140, the cactus exuded an aura similar to an old stubborn soul with incomprehensible charisma. Each flower on the old boy that boomed with energy in the desert felt like an oasis, a paradise within its own community of plants and animals. The painting depicts the Saguaro’s protective hug towards his sanctum of peace and beauty.


My art comes from what I treasure every day. The Camellia petals that fall onto the ground blooms as if there is a firefly glowing on each petal with a gentle frost. Every morning, I am greeted with the luminescent magenta accompanied by the evergreen Cypress trees as I tend my garden.
The cotton flowers present their effervescent and elegant body to the sun, promising warmth amidst the rain of pink and purple.

I painted “Whistle” for my son. There was a day when he was recording his whistles and inspired me with an incessant blend of colors and emotion. Such a delicate sound conversing with the other instruments created a sonic atmosphere that could not be described in words.

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Yellowstone is truly a paradise. With the honey flavored moonlight shining down upon the rich flower-field, the bison couple gazes upon us with eyes filled with comfort and happiness.

And so, these magnificent creatures make their way into my canvas as the protagonists, peacefully eating away to their heart’s content near the Yellowstone lake.