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“I imagine watercolors as wild mustang, which cannot be completely subdued, but with which you can make friends and embark on a daring journey.”

I was born on March 11th, 1985, in a rural area of Belarus.

This work portrays my grandfather, whose life wasn’t so easy. I love talking to him, it always brings many interesting recollections, inspirational life stories and dialogs. He enjoys telling tales of his past and remembering his father. They’ve all worked very hard, countryside life was difficult in the post-World War II years. Sometimes, during a conversation he gets lost in thoughts, as if he was plunging deep into memories. Like in this painting, where he looks at you but in fact his gaze is directed deep inside.

Art has been my passion ever since I was a child. I have loved copying images from books, unleashing my imagination, transferring my thoughts and feelings to the paper.




This work portrays my grandmother who worked very hard in her past. She doesn’t like to talk about herself but she loves to ask questions. She often asks me questions about my life. Now she is ill and cannot walk, and she doesn’t like herself like that. She always asks me to paint her being young but I like capturing a state of “here and now”. Here, in this painting, her gaze is full of sadness, pain, worries and questions, but is genuine.

I was fortunate enough to have an excellent art teacher in high school who supported my passion for art. She shared her experience and taught me to believe in myself.

About 2 years ago I rediscovered my passion for watercolors.

As a result, I graduated from the art and graphics department of the Belarusian State Pedagogical University named after Maxim Tank, with a degree in teaching arts.

I am constantly learning new things and experimenting with different drawing genres. I continue to grow as an artist and search for my personal style.


During my studies, I met wonderful teachers who helped to grow my aspirations.

My father loves to repair, tinker, and invent technical crafts. He has a garage where he keeps all the tools. Today he shows us some of his new inventions! The sunlight flows through an open door like stage lights shining on this part of the garage. This story seemed incredibly interesting to me!

With watercolor, every new drawing is a challenge, it is very invigorating and constantly motivates you to grow as an artist.

I enjoy walking in the woods, especially in pinewoods that are full of air and have a special ambience! The sun was capricious this day occasionally peering through the clouds. But I got lucky and saw an interesting interplay of light and shadows on the pathway among the purple-pink pine trunks! It looked incredibly picturesque to me!

I painted a lot in oils, experimented in pastel, was engaged in arts and crafts such as ceramics and artistic leather processing.

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My parents always lived in the countryside, and they have always had livestock, including chickens. When I was little I loved going to the henhouse to check if there are new eggs or if the baby chickens had hatched. I do this even now, when I come visit my parents. Once I witnessed this scene: a hen sitting on eggs, very alert and motionless, and a bright light shining from the back. Certainly, I could not resist this temptation and captured it in watercolors.

Watercolor is a marvelous technique. I rediscovered it a few years ago.

This is the door to my father's garage, rather old and shabby, with peeling paint and a rusty, painted over bolt. The sunlight, illuminating every detail, brings out all the rough beauty of this old bolt full of stories and memories.

Watercolor is impatient, spontaneous. It doesn't tolerate corrections. I am constantly learning new things and experimenting with different drawing genres. I continue to grow as an artist and search for my personal style.

One day I was taking a walk in the woods and saw stumps overgrown by moss at the edge of the woods. They were illuminated with sunlight, had an interesting texture and looked very picturesque! And even though there were no trees around, on one of the stumps I saw the beginning of a new life - a sprout. Life carries on!

I appreciate the spontaneity and unpredictability of watercolor. It gives you an ability to control but more often you don’t have any control at all.

We were cleaning the old country house of our great-grandparents, who are no longer with us, when we found these interesting bolts. Long ago they were used and now they keep their stories under a thick layer of rust.​

I am constantly learning new things and experimenting with different drawing genres.

It was a quiet summer night, you could only hear grasshoppers chirping. Children were sleeping peacefully in a tent, we were having tea and were talking. I looked at the lake illuminated by the moon. It looked like a bowl or cradle, surrounded by a forest. A light fog had already descended, and the air was humid. I was looking at the lake trying to memorize the scene. Later I tried to express my impressions on paper in watercolors.