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“I hope to share these feelings with the viewer – to invite them to be part of the immediacy of this experience.”

Whenever possible I paint on site.

On my last day in Zambia, I was able to go to the morningtour of the Mosi Oa Tunya Park, and see this group of White Rhinos that arebeing raised and protected. I was able to enjoy seeing all fourteen rhinosincluding the babies come together for a morning feed.

This can include sitting on a beach with walrus, climbing an iceberg in a fjord to paint from, or by painting underwater with scuba gear.

Yosemite-Half Dome from Bridge



This Yosemite painting is from the bridge you cross to get from Yosemite Village to get to Camp Curry. The temperature this morning was 27f and both the water and paint was freezing on the paper during the process.

I work using Transparent Watercolors, Acrylics, and Oils, depending on what I feel can best express the scene.

I share a portion of my sales with marine nonprofits and National Parks.

Sometimes these are just materials I can travel with.

The interesting projects I’m pursuing include painting on top of and under the water.


Capturing these images of where I am, as I am, in that moment makes the artwork a part of the experience.

Treefish are very shy so this was a treat to find one out of its ‘hidey hole’ on Beto’s Reef at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve in 110 feet salt water (FSW) and was painted underwater using my ‘sous marine’ technique. (You can see my process on my website by clicking on the Sous Marine tab.)

My goal is to always help raise awareness of and care for our resources.

This quietly munching and wading Water Buffalo is from a trip to East Africa and the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The water buffalo was observed cruising the wetlands near the lakeshore in the afternoon light.

I hope to share these feelings with the viewer – to the immediacy of this experience.

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This lovely lion cub was photographed in Serengeti along with more than thirty other youngsters of varying ages in a large lion pride. I was fortunate to spend quite a bit of time in the morning and then again in the late afternoon with this exceptionally large group family.

I use a camera as well, for later exploration of the experience in the studio.

Every year in Winter the northern waves march directly into Point Lobos State Natural Reserve and re-create the coastline.

I share a portion of the sale of my pieces with several marine non-profits and National Parks.

This painting of Yosemite Falls was started just as the sun begins to rise over the rim of the valley. The temperature this morning was 24f and the paint was freezing as I was painting, creating an interesting timing challenge to keep going before the water and paint stopped flowing at all.

My goal is to help raise awareness of and care for our resources.

This Morning Light is part of a series of paintings done just before and at dawn looking across the street from my front door. Previously enjoyed but never painted. While I have missed getting out and about, I have also appreciated what this time has given me to concentrate on here and now.

Painting on site gives me the first-person account of the experience I wish to represent.

This beautiful otter cruised right up to and kept pace with our dive boat in Alaska, enjoying a repast of urchin and clam.