Summer Roshni


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"The transcendent energy of my artworks draws a viewer into a relationship and an experience."

The Supreme Being is The Ultimate artist to me.

The artwork reveals
the unlimited creative power and beauty of the Supreme Source of life, overwhelms,
and arises a conscious urge to connect with it for deeper living.
Size - 22.5x30inches
Price - POR

My Art represents my experiences with The Supreme Being – The Supreme Reality. I have named my original genre Supreme Reality Art.

Union by True Living



The artwork reveals how complementary creative energies come into union,
in real living from the heart.
Size - 19x12inches

The title helps me to become completely clear about what I have represented. It helps a viewer to relate to the depicted Hidden Reality. When an Art expression feels fulfilled, I receive mystic clarity from my Guide about what the artwork represents within The Supreme Reality and a title.

I purely express the spiritual experience.

The transcendent energy of my artworks draws a viewer into a relationship and an experience. The viewer encounters – a transformative experience.

Currently, most art experts are categorizing my works as Abstract Expressionism or Abstract Impressionism. I disagree because, my art is objective to me, as real as the concrete realities in the phenomenal world. I am working to have my unique-transcendent-art recognized as representational of the hidden-reality-of-life, under a new genre Supreme Reality Art, by exhibiting, publishing, and explaining.


Supreme Reality Art does not distort or exaggerate Reality for creating special effects. It is also not a wild let go of the suppressed subconscious mind, relieving its torment by creating things it cannot understand.

The artwork reveals and gives an experience of homecoming
to the ultimate source of life and draws into the feeling of its bliss.
Price - POR
Size - 16x24inches

My mind dissolves, and I experience a play of colors in my consciousness. Then there is a spontaneous release of this energy, and I paint, print, or draw it on the canvas…

The artwork reveals the state of a heart praying for a guide,
from the yearning for union with the transcendent,
which is beyond the grasp of its power.
Size - 22.5x30inches
Price - POR

I purely express the spiritual experience. It is real and represents the realm that is our Infinite Source.

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The artwork reveals feminine surrender in pure love
as the supreme path to union with The Supreme.
Price - POR
Size - 18x24inches

The themes of Supreme Reality Art are transcendental, with titles like – Inspiring Faith, Search for the Soul, Conflicts of Loves, Self in Worship, and Humility of the Saints.

The artwork reveals a conscious gathering of energy, required by the self for transformation through love, clarity, and hard work.
Size - 30x22.5inches

The art energy, colors, and forms compel a viewer to relate to it, with a Reality deeper than the intellect.

The artwork helps to see and feel
the powerful stranglehold of ignorant thoughts
in a closed mind and arises an urge for freedom.
Size - 30x22.5inches
Price - POR

My art is objective to me, as real as the concrete realities in the phenomenal world. It just represents facts of The Supreme Reality, which science and mystics have continued to explore. Without it, life can have no real meaning.

The artwork reveals The Supreme’s dance in Supreme Joy, the mystic reality that is the purpose and cause of Creation.
Size - 12x19inches

My experience generates a deep creative urge to express the hidden beauty.

The artwork reveals stages of living
to grow consciousness and life expression
as steps towards the threshold of Supreme Reality.
Price - N.F.S.
Size - 36x48inches