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“My art should captivate the viewer so that he can get lost in the vast horizons of the present.”

Surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Austrian Alps Simon Hafele was born in 1985 in the western part of Tyrol. Being raised in the small community of ladies Simon found inspiration in the picturesque beauty of the fundamental elements of nature. As a child he couldn’t keep his hands off crayons, which would mark the early onset of his mission: to show the world his very own perception of the complexities of life in a bright and colourful way.

Royaledelic is a visual time travel. The key elements i use to build the bridge through time are rococo elements combined with the patterns that originates in the absolute moment. A visual journey through space and time. Ultimately, it's not about the past. The past is necessary to define us in the present. The present creates truth and the future is the canvas for the dreams.

What started as a vague yet undeniable hunch became clearer when Simon started to attend Elbigenalp, a carving school where he spent 4 years continuing to explore his artistic pathway. By delving into different craft techniques and by expanding his skills in various fields Simon sealed his own fate—he would follow the calling of his soul and devote his life to art.

The Hive 2020



This is my tribute to the bees. An important part of our ecosystem, which is largely responsible for the balance in nature. The same balance that is needed to create harmony of a vision. A bee colony is perfectly organized and resembles a "superorganism" with its own collective intelligence - and different personalities. I tried to capture the beauty of this fascinating organism. The echo of the sound of vibrating bee wings, the architectural nature of the hexagonal honeycombs. If you look close, nature reveal itself as the most intelligent organism of all.

After having found his artistic roots in the solid Tyrolean mountains, Simon gave in to the natural desire to grow and travelled to India, Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand and Laos for longer periods of time. There he could not only satisfy his interest in art history but he also found the kind of inspiration, which would turn out to be vital for his evolving. Numerous experiments with different types of colours and light preceded his unique style—a visual language that translates the in-between, the transcendental experience of (yet) non-existing worlds into intriguing paintings with bright and often fluorescent colours, leaving behind an unmistakable trace of recognition.

Simon’s art is an invitation for the viewer to access alternate realms and otherworldly dimensions.

Soon Simon’s work received the well-earned attention and got exhibited in the »Galerie Theodor von Hörmann«, the »Old Fire Station Gallery« or the »Wholesale Gallery of the Imster Bergl«, to name a few. He joined the foundation »Freigeischt« and the »Atelier Sonnberg«, both providing him with opportunities not only to build an artistic network and to exhibit his works but also to deepen his practice.

I will not let myself, nor my art, down on the spectrum of political or elite thoughts. The layers I aim at are way above that and deal with consciousness and the highest emotion of all: LOVE.


Just when Simon was about to become Psy-Pix life brought on some difficulties, which in retrospective were necessary to present an opportunity for transformation. What seemed like a last resort by the time, turned out to be a game changer. A friend asked Simon if he would like to decorate one of his music festivals, a task to which the artist applied his skills and practice in a natural manner. Due to the major success of the connection between Simon’s art and music many more followed, including events in Vienna, London, Zurich and Munich. In 2015 »Vision Scientist« was born, a project dedicated to creating huge ceiling designs for festivals, and soon there were bookings lining up from the most famous Psytrance festivals in the world, like »Antaris Project« in Berlin—Germany, »ReSPect Festival« in Brazil, »UNITY Festival« in Israel, »Kosmos Festival« in Finland and many more.

God Particle is my insight into the metaphysical world of quantum mechanics, or at least my interpretation of it. A snapshot of eternity, where unconscious space becomes the canvas of consciousness. My analysis of the components of our universe and therefore also the earth and man. The secret element of life which reveals itself behind the event horizon.

The emotions I want to pass on with my paintings are also the only trigger behind them, why people might identify with my paintings.

is my interpretation of the source of creation and the mechanism behind it. The center of the painting should represent the source itself where everything originates and expands. The sweeping lines across the painting symbolize the program language, a key element that defines the vision. If you look through the eys of creation, consciousness starts to evolve. Creating opportunity for complexity where vision and geometry originates through all the different layers of perception.

Simon’s ceiling designs are an atmospheric force, they are not simply blending into the location, they are more than mere decoration. These huge poetic sky grazers respond and interact with the music, they cooperate with the dancer leading him towards higher spheres of existential energies and frequencies.

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The painting viscosity illustrates the expansion of a drop of color in color. Figuratively speaking the expansion of consciousness in a unconscious space. Change of the environment is an important tool of the metamorphosis. Without change there is standstill, eventually nothing is permanent except change. Viscosity is a visual explanation of this mechanisms. It is the action and reaction that cause the change. And through the change, thereby creating space for the beauty.

Simon’s »Visionary Psychedelic Art« is a practice, where the artist—following the ancient Greek meaning of the term »psychedelic«—reveals his soul and shares his insights of a nonmundane reality. In Simon’s paintings the vivid colours reflect the artists desire for colourfulness in all aspects of life, which he then transforms into an invitation for the viewer to access alternate realms and otherworldly dimensions. The artist captures the sequence of a moment and translates it by using his unique aesthetics, resulting in paintings where beauty and complexity at first sight seem to compete effortlessly with one another. When daring another glance the viewer realizes there is no competition, there is only unity.

The background is the pure expression of the moment in a simple form without order or clear structure. It’s about the complexity that dissolves on the background of simplicity. The illustration of dissolution of consciousness in a simple environment. A space that gains in importance through the duality and can only coexist as long as both create space for their own attributes of expression. Both cannot exist with one another.

Awards, Exhibitions, Publications, Interviews
Art Magazineium, Belgium / Publication
Camel Back Gallery / Bronze Award
Prisma Art Prize, Italy / Nomination Finalists
MVibe Magazine / Publication
Artavita Contest, Santa Barbara, USA / Finalist 2020
123 Art Magazine / Interview
Marvelous Art Gallery / Online Exhibition
»Created in Isolation« Light Space & Time /
Online Exhibition
»Modern Art« Grey Cube Gallery / online show
2020 / Honorable Mention
Art Room Gallery / Colors Exhibition
Daler Rowney UK / Sponsoring

Liquid grounding is my visual retreat or medicine for the edges and corners life has to offer., my contrast to the rough edges along the way. Peace and freedom is a state of mind and can only exist within you. It's about the biogenesis of emotions that gives quality to the moment. True grounding happens in truth, respect and love, the basic elements of my paintings.

For spectators of Simon’s paintings there is no need to engage in any politically motivated elite thought patterns or the like. The conundrum of his breath-taking work reveals itself by surrendering to feeling: like in life—love, the mother of all emotions—is all spectators need to decode the overwhelming sceneries in Simon’s paintings. His works consume the viewer, offering a tender relationship between artwork and spectator, where they can lose themselves, wander in multiverses and simultaneously float back to the present moment, only to find more pathways down to the essence of life: truth.

The origin of every archetype ultimately lies in the unconscious part of the perception that is programmed in all of us through time. Each element stands for a building block that is responsible for creating the concept of the archetype. All the small evolutionary subconscious elements collaborating with time and thereby identifies the archetype as such. Time is a necessary element in the creation of the archetype. The visible perspective represents the time. The centered line is the moment where the archetype expresses itself as such.

Numerous experiments with different types of colours and light preceded Simon’s unique style.

There is a difference between thoughts and dreams. Dreams have the power to inspire, and thoughts can bring you down into the deepest corners of existence. My visions arise without any thoughts, in some state of meditation where the dream is the leading force. Awake but yet able to dream. The deeper i can access my imagination, the more power i can give to a dream and transform it to reality.