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"I am an emerging artist who has always been fascinated by the fantasy genre."

She spent her life disconnecting from reality entering her own mindscape for comfort. Serena began crafting her imagination into the physical world by using photoshop to warp publicly available images into surrealist portraits.

This piece was inspired from toxic relationships.

I thought I couldn't be reborn. It was a myth, something I told myself was impossible. Until I found myself healing with every drop of water I drank and bathed with. It washed away the dirt of the past. This wasn't like my first birth, I am more spiritual and aware now.

Her artwork at first was just a way to express herself creatively. It wasn't until taking a second look after a toxic relationship ended that Serena found true meaning in the colors and form of each of her pieces. Now when Moore creates, she is able to think more clearly on her feelings directly targeting them and producing them



Inspired by my own spiritual journey.

We all have spiritual support, guardians if you will. I like to picture my guardians as these little birds
talking to the source of creation about my progress in life and Source giving them messages to tell me.

After finding images she spends hours sorting through her mindscape taking the images and collaging them together to form the desired emotion. Still fine tuning this technique Serena is mastering how to tap into a certain emotional state in order to complete each piece once she has a sense of direction. We see this process in her later pieces such as The Warrior, Whispering, and The Garden.

"I am not the one who really thinks about what I want to show, rather I show the feeling behind the piece."

Using the lockdown of the Global Pandemic to disconnect and focus exclusively on her artistry, Moore drew inspiration from Digital Artist Alexander McWherter and Artist Remedios Varo Uranga. She took elements from these surrealist artists to build a foundation for her own work by tactically breaking down McWherter's love for color and illusions and Varo's way of presenting her female protagonists as mystical beings in dream-like environments.

"My work whispers a homage to those from whom I drew inspiration, my pieces are incredibly unique, captivating and beautiful and shows that this talent is helping me to emerge as an artist who has a distinct voice in surrealism."

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Adding more depth to the narrative of each piece and exposing the viewer to the beautiful emotional journey she went through as they explore each piece. A prime example of this is Unbothered, one of her first pieces. The piece is to suggest how above the woman is to her problems, she is not tied down and is able to enjoy her own femininity away from the dark, toxic world. Moore displays the woman as a Goddess whitening her eyes as she rests on a pile of clouds which has darkness underneath and some creeping near her. We see how she uses colors such as pinks and purple making the world the Goddess is in look blissful. The position of the woman is also very sexy and feminine, along with what she is wearing. Also, the woman is Black in the piece which is another topic Moore wants to show.

Inspired by Michelangelo Creation of Adam.

I went deep into my roots as a Black Woman. I heard my Ancestors screaming at me. "You are the blueprint!"
To all my Black sisters:
We created humanity.

"I create unique pieces pulling from deep emotional trauma and healing that result in the observer feeling as if they are experiencing, rather than just viewing, my artwork."

Inspired from growing up and escaping my own reality.

Are Fairies real? Or do they only exist as an illusion to the wounded inner child?

Being a Black woman Serena knows firsthand the degrading stereotypes against her. Which is why she wants to show Black women in a more famine state, completely eliminating the mascauline stereotype and many more. Other works that show this are Creation, Rebirth, Not the One, and The Divine.

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