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“The heart of the conceptual ties shared amongst this body of work lies in the methodology employed at the very inception of each piece.”

Penumbra (noun) - the partially shaded outer region of the shadow cast by an oblique object; a shadowy, indefinite, marginal area; the transitional space denoting the transfiguration of condition.

When staring into your lovers eyes blinds you to the burning world behind your back

I don’t go into production with any sort of preconception of what I want to make.




So much of life is spend in pursuit or defiance of dissolution, as if it is not the inevitable condition life demands of it

I take time, after mixing paint and medium to create drippable, viscous colors and organizing them chromatically, to specifically sit and clear my head with meditative techniques to actively eliminate any sort of intention.

We are individuals suspended among the plethora of penumbras from which we construct our very sense of self.

Then, I throw a few random dots on an acrylic sheet. From that random splattering, a body always emerges to me, clear as day in my mind’s eye. The rest is just further articulating and bringing to life the figure I already see via spectral waves of droplets off the ends of pipettes.


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This isn’t something special, psychologically this is really just the same mechanism of pareidolia that has us seeing faces on the fronts of cars, or messiahs in toast, or clouds in the shapes of loved ones.


Keene Art Walk, Keene, NH

It’s the quite anger seethes deepest within us

But what I find so captivating about this process, and why I return to it so often in my work, is how it collapses the distance between the concept of being something and being nothing. Just a few dots, randomly and haphazardly strewn, are all that denote that threshold.

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Prize Ribbon (1)

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(it’s worth stating as a general point that the nature of my work and the absence of intention in the process precludes each piece from providing a direct answer to the question “what’s it about?”)

Everything that manifests further upon the sheet blooms from those scattered seeds.

The wild within us, flung free and feral

In doing so they preserve the conceptual tradition of their ancestral genesis and expand upon it in the intricate penumbras they form as they breath more and more life into that inkling of a form that dare venture to be.