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"Rio 2016: Unranked" is a series of 306 paintings of Olympic athletes who competed in the 2016 Summer Games. One athlete was randomly selected from each event via a random number generator. This series removes the competition and creates an unbiased representation of a selection of participants. In doing this we see a passionate and hard-working group of individuals who are seen as a whole, not a ranked system of bodies separated by race and sport.

Hygienic Chess



"Hygienic Chess" is a fully functional chess board hand-carved out of soap. I carved all 32 game pieces and all 64 squares for the board using full bars of soap, using 27 bars of soap in total. This piece was inspired by feelings of loneliness, boredom, and frustration brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Hygienic Chess is a comedic and lighthearted solution to the unsanitary nature of board games. This work is performative and interactive.


"Recognize" is a series of six paintings of realistic images of gore and surgical images. In a gallery, the audience would be shown the cool paintings before the others. The audience is frightened by the red paintings only because they recognize the subject matter, whereas the colourful paintings look abstract and more inviting. This series examines the connection that fear has with colour.

The Tactile series is a series of paintings made of unconventional repurposed and sustainable materials such as fabric, paper mâché, moss, and shale. This series was created as a means to push against the “don’t touch the paintings” rule. Encouraging the audience to touch the paintings allows for the inclusion of visually impaired individuals, who are often excluded from the fine arts world given the visual nature and the “don’t touch” rule.

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"The Path We’re On" is a digital painting in which I illustrate the environmental destruction caused by humans. This work acts as a critique of how humanity is continuing on the path of carelessness towards the earth we inhabit. I chose to illustrate this landscape digitally as digital art results in no plastic waste or toxic byproducts that other art mediums may produce. I hope that this artwork will encourage people to leave this “path”.