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“I paint from my heart, allowing my hands to dance along with the splash of paint.”

Poornima Dayal has been an artist for over three decades. Playing with colors, dabbling with textures has been her forte.

This work shows a peek into a busy street , at perhaps peak traffic hours swarming with colorful vehicles.
Everybody is eager to get home .
A use of Earthly tones, signifies our commitment to stay focused . Here perhaps ,the focus is on getting home.
According to me the mood here is very inspiring ,pepping us to move ahead.

Her journey began around the age of 13 with oils on canvas. Abstract style of art always fascinated her and putting vibrant colors on canvas has been her passion.

At the mechanic



This work shows a busy garage ,where vehicles are repaired.
Textures are indicating a flow of gease ,oil at the mechanic station.
An old vintage car is getting repaired.
The doors ,shutters etc of the garage present a very greasy , at the mechanic look.

Her first painting was a reflection of Indigo and Mauve, in semi-abstract style portraying a joyful ship passing through a valley. Somewhere, her emotions and feelings have always found a voice through the arts.

A lot of Poornima’s works include semi-abstract representation of the divine.

Oil continued to be the medium for art until 15 years back, when she switched over gradually to acrylics.

Poornima has had the fortune to exhibit her works globally and has also been featured in various publications including the prestigious magazine, The Vogue, India.


Poornima finds the vibrancy, textures and weight of acrylic paints more appropriate for her kind of art.

A lot of her works include semi abstract representation of the divine.
Being a meditation practitioner for over two decades now, this came very naturally to her and is a reflection of her devotional feelings.

Ah,Paris , what a lovely city.
The color Blue in my heart gives a very European look.
I have tried to portray the by lanes of that city where French glory thrives.
This artwork is a semi abstract presentation of Paris ,in my own style.

Poornima paints from her heart, allowing her hands to dance along with the splash of paint. For her art is a love that she nurtures and hopes to continue painting more such narrative art pieces.

This is from my personal collection of cityscape - places of worship.
It shows Lord Christ being revered in an open church.
This work of art is from my sacred place collection.
No particular church is depicted here ,it is more a collaborative effort of my imagination and memory.

Hailing from India, Poornima was tutored in New Delhi, a city rich in cultural heritage.
It was about 24 years back that she moved away from her place of birth, visiting and living in places like Oman and Hong Kong till she finally moved back to India two years ago.
Oman, in her words, lent her art a fragrance of varied cultural scenarios.
Hong Kong, on the other hand, gave her a glimpse into world class art and taught her a lot, all of which she incorporated into her works.
Poornima currently lives in Mumbai, India.

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A French style building with arched windows that appear to be whispering to each other.
I use the words 'with love ' in the title as to me this art piece signifies a very romantic tale being sung from one home to another . As though belonging to an era where only love reigned prime and all the neighborhood lived in love and splendor.

Since the past few years, Poornima however observes herself also getting attracted to semi-abstract forms of cities, land, and the foundation of architecture.
Her works presented here are a culmination of her efforts in these past few years.

This painting is an architectural presentation of the times when buildings were created ,when palaces and all the divine structure took form. When The Lord gathered his architects on Earth to build palaces and other monuments of history.
One side of the art work indicates foundation and form ,whilst the other structure.

The use of Gold color signifies Divine artwork .
Orange is form.
Turquoise Blue is indicative of the wonderful architects.

Some of her works talk of places from memory, where she has used unique ways to portray Acrylic on canvas, such as the painting ' Parisian '. It is almost done without using a brush or a palette knife.

A semi abstract presentation of relics.
Old buildings ,that were made in unique styles are only relics now.
Fragments of such forms are visible , under a serene sky.

A big part of the work shows the new skies , ready to embrace the new and relevant.

The relics have also been shown in a dignified manner , representing gratitude for all that was.

For some reason most of her recent works have structure and form. Somewhere, the abstract mingles with structure, defining the amalgamation of logic and imagination into one.

I call it happening, as the idea was to paint a modern city in semi abstract style.
We could call it a busy city ,with tall buildings on either side ,a street in between which may have people walking.
The colors are indicative of a city which perhaps gets very cold as well.

Its a collaboration between imagination and memory.

As a meditation practitioner, this kind of art comes very naturally to Poornima.

I call it 'mission impossible ' as this kind of fictional architecture is not an easy feat.
Tall buildings, some slanting , some standing tall, others drooping a bit , laced with pretty windows , webbed architecture are shown through this work.
The colors here are a subtle play as the idea of sustructure is a tall order.

The lovely sky casts its texture over the buildings ,creating a delightful tonal impression.

Two small figures below are perhaps the future architects of these buildings.