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“Every experience and even failure must be accepted with equal dignity.”

Oresta Kinash is a professional choral conductor and vocal teacher and a self-taught artist. She was born in Ukraine in 1982 in the small town Sambir, Lviv region, in a family of musicians.

In this artwork, with the helps of colors, I demonstrate the dynamics, the energy in its various forms. The colors of light and sun, the colors of the sky, the color of purity and black for contrast are used here, and at the end - a little passion with warmth.

Her entire life has been devoted to music and singing. For many years she worked as a teacher of music and vocals, and was a leader and conductor of many choirs in Ukraine. She mainly specializes in sacred, liturgical music. For now she lives in Warsaw (Poland). There, Oresta also works as a conductor and leader of choirs in Ukrainian church in Warsaw, where liturgies of the Eastern Byzantine tradition take place.

Night city



Warsaw at night. At this time it is especially magnetic and I wanted to convey this magnetism on the canva

Sacred and musical art has always impressed and inspired her to high thoughts, dreams and unusual deeds. Perhaps that's why painting became her hobby and the beautiful part of artistic and private life. At first it was a desire to just create and nothing serious was planned. Over time, drawing grew into a need and became a way of thinking and expressing feelings, mood and dreams.

In art, as well as in music, high technique is very useful, but also the heart and spirit must be present.

Interestingly, even close friends and relatives did not know that Oresta draws and has this talent. However, there were also many artists, sculptors and architects in the Oresta's family generation. Now she jokes that she inherited this gene from some kind ancestor from another world. When the information opened, many people were pleasantly surprised and began to ask for an exhibition of her paintings.

Well-known artists who inspired artist Oresta Kinash are: Albrecht Durer, Gustav Klimt, Hieronimus Bosch, Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh and Ukrainian artist and poet Taras Shevchenko. Today, this list is supplemented by new names of contemporary artists who also inspire with their brilliant talents and masterpieces of art.


So, in 2020, Oresta's first exhibition took place in Warsaw. That solo-exhibition was named "Dreamland." It was in Сonference room at the Basilian Monastery and was charitable. The artist supports Ukrainian soldiers in the occupied part of her country with her art. The funds raised were used to rehabilitate the wounded. Her life credo has always been peace and love of beauty. She believes that love and kindness can heal wounds and save someone's life.

Very light and graceful artwork. It can support the spirit of youth and at the same time contains the perfection of thought.

Thanks to art, I began to understand music more deeply and see it in colors. Now drawing has become such a natural need for me as singing or breathing.

I have dedicated this artwork to business men who love art and find time for beauty. Saturated tones can be a decoration of a library or office. The artwork is done with a knife, fast, decisive movements. Because such are inherent in real men

For wider recognition, Oresta also decided to take the next step and began to participate in international competition and content with professional artists.

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Prize Ribbon (1)

Describe your image

One of my early works and very valuable to me. I tried to paint an image of openness and modesty, sincerity and secrecy at the same time.

Oresta prefers oil and acrylic paintings, but sometimes she also uses pastel and watercolor techniques. The artist loves medium and large sizes, because with them reminds her of the freedom to create as in conducting music. Since she started painting only a couple years ago, she wants to have time to master various techniques. That's why Oresta experiments a lot and is not afraid of criticism and mistakes. She continues to develop her abilities on her own day by day.

In this artwork, I depicted the gentle touch of spring to nature, man to the flower, wind to the face and the artist to the canvas.

Oresta enjoys spending time with her favorite hobby and often paints with music. She likes to experiment with light and colors, with brush and knives, with water and fire. That's because her artworks are very different and not similar to the previous ones.

When I have colored dreams, I try to remember them , draw my dreams and give them to other eyes...

The drawing process also makes her happy and full of faith in herself and intuition. The process of creation is a very deep meditation for Oresta and saturation with positive energy. In art, as well as in music, high technique is very useful, but also the heart and spirit must be present. They bring sounds and colors to life, they make our inner world rich and our souls immortal

I like to create wonderful new worlds that emit light and magic

“Painting makes music visible and reveals more beauty and happiness in our lives."

Here is a nice green corner in the garden where You can meditate and calm your thoughts

At that moment Oresta had already gained a small circle of fans among her friends and acquaintances. Many paintings were donated to private homes and offices. However, now there is more and more interest in the person of an unusual choir conductor who paints. Oresta, sure, is very happy about this, but at the same time sets the following goals for the development of her talent and all the time works to raise her level in conducting, singing and now – in painting art.