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“My paintings invite the viewer to wander into non-existent space.”

"We all live in a world strikingly similar to the original, in which everything is duplicated according to a script – Simulacrum" said Jean Baudrillard. We are made up of Simulacrum and without realising it, we are becoming a copy of the "perfect human" from the advertisement.

MEME 0101


"The world of winning marketing has turned us into a memorable device" thought Pierre Bourdieu. Today, the MEME figures appear everywhere - in films, pop music, advertising, fashion, social media - the "perfect human" should be rich, successful, beautiful and should live a fast life.

The MEME series of paintings is a reflection of the current state of modern society.

The MEME figures depicted in my paintings also exist as copies, they have chosen to adopt the comfortable position of having the same and abstract personality. MEME are masses that oscillate between physical presence and soul absence.


We are amazed at what we have created, but still try to preserve our humanity in all its aspects in everyday life. The boundaries between physical presence and spiritual absence are becoming increasingly blurred: Is it a biological object or an avatar?; Is it a photograph or a CGI?

By applying multiple layers of paint I try to achieve a perfect smoothness of the image.

Friedrich Nietzsche had been racking his brains very pertinently long before the age of abundance: "the thirst for the gorgeous show, instead of the comprehension of meanings, turns us into bad copies made on bad paper from erased negatives".