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My oil painting represents the negative ways we react to things, what we choose to focus on, and how doing so determines the way our lives appear. The way we view things, what we think and care about—they are all affected, warped, or lost. Whether we focus too much on what people say and think, or decide something is bad or good, it is unintentionally because of our own thoughts. In the same way that we have power to be negative, we have the same power to be positive, content, and hopeful.




Struggling with depression since I was a child, this painting shows my lowest points—when I believed things couldn't get better.


Identity can be a troubling topic; I struggle with determining who I am as a person while also taking in the opinions and words of others. Sometimes, I feel like I am just fragments of an idea of who I once was.

Spending time in an emotionally abusive relationship left me feeling terrified, broken, and anxious—all the time.

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A subtle capture of the beautiful moments that can happen in a bed. Entering new worlds, dreaming of different possibilities, new life, and last days.