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“My inspiration to paint come from wildlife and the great outdoors – from the blue whale in the ocean to the red-tailed hawk in the sky.”

Michael has always been an artist. One of his earliest memories was drawing pictures. He would frequently get together with other friends who also liked to be creative and they would draw pictures together for hours.

Image is showing two views of aquatic life.

Favorite subjects were airplanes, dinosaurs and various animal species.

Woodies and bass



two views of aquatic life

During the time Michael was enrolled in elementary school, his teachers and friends would frequently ask him to illustrate artwork for the various school plays and functions being held throughout the school year.

“I worry about the state of the world, seeing climate change as an existential threat to our planet.”

Michael received an Associate Degree in Art from Orange Coast College and a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Art from San Diego State University. He excelled in 3D Design and Painting. For his senior project he completed a scale model of a Beluga Whale for the Zoology Department at Sea World in San Diego which was exhibited.

Michael can create a portrait of a favorite dog or a montage showing an action scene or a view which illustrates different aspects of a story in the art image. He is an equally talented at sculpture. Recently he has shown his ability to create realistic images of different subjects. He started a series of cast molds of clay sculptures; specifically of several dog breeds; a Labrador retriever and a German shorthair. He has also sculpted wolves and mountain lions.

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After graduation from college, Michael re-located to Alaska where he worked at a local newspaper in the graphic arts department. While working in Alaska he was exposed to the wildlife of the great north, which really began to influence his love wildlife and nature art.

Image showing Dolphins jumping through wave

“Although I can paint and sculpt the human form, my creative instincts have always drifted towards images of wildlife, nature, and the spirit those subjects represent.”

Eagle surveying habitat

After Michael moved back to Southern California, he received a certificate in graphic design and started working as a staff artist creating artwork for various catalogs; mostly cover artwork. At this time, he was specializing in air-brush techniques for his illustrative work. He had started to do freelance illustrations as well.

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Bull Elk on a cold day

Michael started to create art that was close to his heart, that of wildlife and the natural world. He also started sculpting and creating casts of his original clay sculptures of animals, specifically wolves, mountain lions, and domestic dog breeds like the Labrador Retriever and the German Shorthair Pointer.

Portrait of My Lab

Michael has participated in art shows and has received recognition of his talent in the field of wildlife art and illustration. Through his love of nature, Michael continues to be inspired and to paint images of wildlife and the great outdoors from the blue whale in the ocean to the red-tailed hawk in the sky.