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“Art flows in my veins and I've found my sweet spot with it, always learning and discovering new ways to bring life to the canvas.”

I come from an artistic family so it’s a gift I inherited.

This represents the strength of a woman. For she is fierce when she needs to be, nurturing, strong, a fighter, revolves around family, has a strong spirituality and lets the light of the lioness guide her. She is very forgiving and loving, but if you cross her, she knows how to strike back.

My parents wanted me to have a career in art, so I enrolled in art school in Toronto when I was 18. Two weeks before I was to leave for school, the college in my hometown called with an opening in their aviation program. I have been flying since I was 15 and it’s where my heart was.

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We are parallel to wildlife in many ways and connected to nature and our environment, either spiritually, ancestrally or subliminally. The wolf is symbolic of the man he has become; strong, a leader, resilient, determined, intelligent, studious, spiritual, loyal and intuitive.

So I abandoned art school and took to the skies. Needless to say, my parents weren’t too happy, but they always let me carve my own path.

I want you to fall in love with my art every time you look at it.

I joined the military where I served as an F-18 aircraft mechanic and switched over to pilot and in my off time I was serving in the fire department as a firefighter.

My goal is to stir up an emotion and nourish the heart and home with each piece I create. I want you to fall in love with it every time you look at it and when you walk away, you can't wait to go back and look at it again. Look into your soul through art and create a space in your home where you can get lost in your mind and dreams when looking at your special piece. From my heart to your home.


After serving 10 years, I moved into civilian life where I opened a pet store business to support the needs of having 2 Great Danes.

This is about the relationship between a child and nature, where they are still growing, discovering, evolving and developing their personality and characteristics. As she changes she will grow into a strong, independent woman and her characteristics that run parallel with nature will also change. 

I have never taken my art very seriously; it was hobby and a lot of times felt like a chore.

I fell in love with this horse and his scratching position. He's a gorgeous Palomino colored quarter horse from Germany that gets pampered to his fullest. I'm drawn into unique compositions where sometimes you have to stand back and take a deeper look, it brings the viewer in to a part of it.

After 10 years of running that business, I moved up to the Arctic where I became the Chief Inspector of the Nunavut Liquor Commission and joined the fire department there.

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Prize Ribbon (1)

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I just liked the colours and the light in this one. Nothing more. This was a happy time painting. 😀

I moved south again after 3 years when my boys were heading into school. There I began painting again and found my passion after a long absence from art.

Barns and foxes just go hand in hand in my mind. He catches his meal and has to find a peaceful place to eat so it doesn’t get stolen. The barn provides a sanctuary for his privacy and the security of his meal.

I am self-taught and work predominantly in acrylics but have my hand at pencil drawings and watercolor. I have never taken my art very seriously; it was hobby and a lot of times felt like a chore.

Lake Superior is beautiful but formidable. It's angry waters and unforgiving weather can be deadly and it demands great respect; but its peaceful stillness can take your breath away with its serene landscapes. As the sun sets, it takes the sunlight with winter stands still.

I’ve always been a hands-on type of person, so sitting idle at a desk has always been my nemesis, it was like trying to stop a freight train.

I love the old world feel of the Mediterranean, it inspired me to do this piece. Feel the warmth and bustle of the town, sit in a patio café and savor the artisan breads and delightful wines of the area. Take a tour on the canal and take in the sights. Enjoy the history of the town.

I’ve lived in all 4 corners of Canada and everywhere in between.

I love summer, I love big fluffy clouds and endless fields. This brings me back to days when we would lie in a field and stare up at the clouds and daydream about life. The swimming hole was nearby and it was the meeting ground for you and your friends. No cares or worries in the world.