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“I love to convey uncomfortable feelings in a relatable manner.”

My work is simple.

Cold-Hearted is a piece to be taken literally. I didn’t have any interest in making it a complex, thought-provoking metaphor. I made the heart into a more anatomically correct one, while also lining up some of the veins to make a cartoon heart.

Yet, it is also very effective.




The sense of dwelling on a feeling or emotion is the most prominent in this piece. With the huge pile of literal and figurative baggage being carried by the general person, you can really feel the sense of dread.

I mainly use pen and ink as my medium.

Too much or too little detail does not communicate my message.

I create artworks with almost no color.

My artwork is simple and at the same time extraordinarily effective.

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Sometimes, there’s a small pop of a color or a range of one color.

The Lovers painting was a general study in the cubism style. I didn’t use traditional shapes when creating this piece, making it look like a mosaic or a stained-glass window as a personal take on the cubist style.

Though usually in monochrome, I sometimes use a small pop of a color or a range of just one color.

Since the official start of quarantine back in 2020, I quickly realized that my personal lifestyle was that of a world-wide quarantine. Flattering or not, this cartoon is based in reality.

I have found that working with too much or too little detail does not communicate or convey the message that I desire in the finished product.

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Everyone hears criticism in their lives, whether it’s wanted or not. Sometimes, that criticism goes too far and becomes hurtful. As artists, we must shove those harsh words away and do what makes us happy.

The message wouldn’t come across to the audience as clear as I want it to.

This cartoon shows what it feels like to have all personal and professional work, including extra responsibilities, pile up on you. It weighs down on your back and shoulders, making you feel crushed under the looming expectation of getting things done.

I am also able to take some uncomfortable feelings and topics and convey them in a way that is relatable.

Guernica’s Horror is based off of Picasso’s composition in one of his famous pieces, Guernica. I made t