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“Nature is not only all that is visible to the eye... it also includes the inner pictures of the soul.”
– Edward Münch

Growing up as a young boy in Cansaulim village of Goa, India amidst the lush green paddy fields and tall coconut trees swaying with glory, orchids of mango and cashew nuts were my playing fields.

This painting is taken on the subject of the "hearth" and the focus lavished upon it. I particularly remember the rice cooked there, the fried fish in those earthen vessels. And also the hanging onions which takes me to my childhood memories. A warm smokie atmosphere.

Here it was within the womb of Mother Nature that I discovered my passion for capturing nature and recreating it on the canvas. And I consider myself a watercolour artist.

Sweet Summer Cashews



This piece of my art is the best that nature has to offer.
I recollect my childhood memories when during summers after school time we would run through the forest gathering cashew apples. A capture of sweet vibrant orange-red cashews with lush green leaves.

At some point later in my life, my busy work schedule got in the way, and my painting took a back seat.

Painting from nature by capturing it on the canvas in a realistic style is an immersing experience.

Thankfully, that was not for long; eventually, passion got the better of me and I started once again creating works with ballpoint pen with a small splash of watercolour.

My early skills were noticed by a very observant relative of mine and this encouraged me to take a plunge into this world of colours. And so I joined a fine art course and studied a private commercial Fine Art course under the guidance of Milagres Pereira for 5 years.

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I’ve been greatly inspired by Vikas Patnekar, a professional artist and a close friend based in Mumbai.

I love to work with bright colours, this lovely colorful five-petaled flowers is painted in light pinks, showing the dark green foliage. In this painting I have depicted lots of light with little partial shade to protect them against the strong rays of the sun which the flowers look more appealing.

“Today my paintings of landscapes, village life, flora and fauna has helped me leave a mark in various countries like the United States, Canada, Sweden, and of course, in my home country of India as well.”

The Rooster shaped water dispenser is well known in Goa as “Gurguret”, in Konkani and has been used since times immemorable to keep water cool.
Reminisce good old days with this beautiful Gurguret at my Grandmothers place, a fine piece for dining table with ceramic pickled jar.

Exploring the internet took me deeper into this most versatile and dynamic medium, and I started to dream about having an exhibition of my paintings.

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It's all about bright blue-purple colour flower. Whenever I use to visit my grandmother’s home during the monsoons I use to see these flowers grow on the fence. These flowers are praised for their calming and memory-boosting effects.

My dream came true in 2014, when I held my first painting exhibition along with my artist friend in Goa.

Below is a list of exhibitions and honors of my art career.
Participated in the International watercolor online exhibition in Japan, organised by Japan International Watercolor Institute, April 2021 “Vinca Rosea Pink”
"Crystal Award of Merit” award online art exhibition on Flowers-Still Life at Gallery Ring, March 2021 – “Seeking a home”
"Finalist” award in the Step by step International online Juried competition March 2021 –“Hibiscus”
"Crystal Award of Merit” award online art exhibition on Flowers-Still Life at Gallery Ring, January 2021 –“Vinca Rosea Pink”
International online exhibition, Global Art Expo, Colors n Canvas, December 2020 – “Moms Watch, Sweet Summer Cashews, Visitor’s in the Wild,
Vinca Rosea Pink”
"Finalist” award open theme online art exhibition at Camelback Gallery, October 2020 – “Nostalgia’s Kitchen”
"Jurors Choice” award open theme online art exhibition at Gallery Ring, September 2020 – “Nostalgia’s Kitchen”
International Coffee Painting Exhibition IWS BXH Gallery, Prishtina, Kosovo, September 2020 – “The Old Rustic Window”
Participated in the Botanical Show 2020 online contest by Colors of Humanity, August 2020 –“Blue Butterfly Pea”
"Honorable Mention" award online art exhibition on Nature at Art Room gallery, May 2020 – “Blue Butterfly Pea”
"Honorable Mention" award open theme online art exhibition at Art Room gallery, January 2020 – “Nostalgia’s Kitchen”
"Publication Prize" at the International Watercolor contest 2019 at Galleria Esde, Cagliari Italy – “Seeking a Home”

“Nature as it is” was the theme of my paintings. The overwhelming response that I got was amazing to me, and that greatly boosted my confidence.