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Jenny Jiyoung


Yellow and Black Photography Quote (1).p

Driven by curiosity, she poses the question of how societies construct their original functionality in creative domains.

Jenny Jiyoung Han, a multi-disciplinary visual artist, has gained international recognition from gallery representation since the 2020 summertime when the Covid-19 hit across the world.

Jenny’s curious character is a product of her upbringing from a very conventional background in South Korea. Her journey started as against the second level of appreciation to artists who apply the innermost intangible qualities of their imaginations in most spheres of life.

Her mind seems to appear in the symbolism of visual connections. She always sees the linkages between the abstract shapes of thinking and reality. Human life itself is a canvas with the form of abstract images that capture a series of powerful messages. Her abstract art is a type of expressionism of a life philosophy making public excitement which has lots of potentials to grow.