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This is a tribute to Haiti's president, Jovenel Moise who was assasssinatted on July 7th, 2021 at his private home. His top body is made of the Haitian people.

Surviving The Storm

Mixed Media


Surviving The Storm is made of a photograph of my cousin I took while visiting my family in my small town in Haiti. I juxtaposed this iconic fortress "La Citadelle" located in the Northern part of Haiti and combined the upcoming storm. I created this piece a week before the August 14th earthquake that hit Haiti for a second times.


Journey is about a grand-daughter who's getting married looking at her grand-mother reflection in the mirror knowing this will be her in the future.

Magical Realism is a reflection of an iconic market place in Port-Au-Prince and a river passing through the street while a dog over looking from a garden.

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Healing is a part of a documentary film project on the disparity of mental health in Haiti that I produced.