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“What interests me in the process of painting or drawing is to create another universe, a world where shadows are at the service of light… ”

Isabelle Himbert, a young artist from Avignon, France, realizes the challenge of being both very mature in her technique, while remaining spontaneous in her art. And if all this were purely instinctive, we would have the gaze of a child with adult hands…

Painting realized using acrylic and exploring inside myself

It all started a few years earlier on a banal drawing block, with a first jet of black ink. A timid and discreet line of inspiration, her first steps… another will come right next to the previous one and another again and again.




The God in my imagination

In fact, a multitude of fine lines and sensitive curves similar to a pointillism of blurring, which would try to redraw the contours of the artist.

“The construction of my paintings is done as in reality, namely a background on which are added elements. I fill the entire canvas, repeatedly, until it corresponds to what I expect from it. Once ready, the details are superimposed to offer a relief effect that is dear to me. Even thought, I can paint by hand some work and then digitally change them too it depends on what do I expect from the work.”

It is perhaps the ink stain that appears there reveals a troubled, deep, and endearing personality.

“Being synesthetic, I create bridges between the senses: tastes evoke shapes, emotions are colors or places and words are organized in space like colorful letters floating before my eyes. When I start a painting, I check my state of mind to know what color I want to find myself in, which is why they are often monochrome. I take a lot of time to grasp my feelings as accurately as possible, and suddenly I see my painting finished! I do not start a painting until it is already finished in my head. I just must reproduce what I see. It is like a kind of trance I am just the vector. Once finished, the result often surprises me, and I remain there to contemplate this image without really being able to claim to be the author.”

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Isabelle is not just ink, it’s not the only paradox.

Alien beautiful life borning

“Self-taught, I like to divert things from their primary use. In this context I paint with acrylic as one paints with oil. The challenge lies in the work of the material: acrylic paint dries very quickly; it is difficult to make gradients because you cannot go back on it to make retouches as with oil paint. So, I see myself in the obligation to make my funds in one time, which explains why I do not have large canvases!”

Going throught myself to find my place in the world

She does not need any degree to freely express her love of the world. And far from being a spirit to constantly blur black and white on her grey sofa, this bi-solar woman deeply loves life and therefore the color that goes with it, even if she often treats her in chiaroscuro… life too.

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Another world of aliens

At home, it’s an emotional deformation.

The shadows in life

With oil or acrylic, two materials that she particularly loves and that she instinctively masters, she makes us discover the anatomy of her interior landscapes, her reliefs, and her vertiginous abysses. His monochrome Self, never as any other, then fades under the fantastic and dreamlike dimension of his imaginary worlds.