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“My work explores the themes of spirituality, humanity, and how we, as humans, are dependent upon as well as inspired by the natural world.”

I am an artist living in the Midwest US. I enjoy using art as a medium to explore the issues of life and the human reactions to those issues with a strong emphasis on spirituality. Most of my works are abstract in nature with a focus on color, shapes, and lines. The majority of my works is mixed media digital art which includes some or all of the following: photography, fractals, drawing, painting, and digital art.

Abstract art centered by trumpet vines that are bursting with fire, color and attitude!

I've always loved art and all things creative. As a young person, I loved to draw, paint, play musical instruments, and write poetry. I gave my poems and stories to family members as gifts and to show appreciation.

Funky Dreams


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Wild, funky, colorful art comprised of bright, twisting tunnels, daisies, and luminous butterflies-a depiction of vivid dreams!

I really connected with the arts as a way to make sense of the world and also to express who I was as a person. In my later adult years, my art took on a new meaning after losing two of my children. It became a way for me to work through the extreme agony I felt and grew into a passion that kept me motivated and that gave me purpose.

“The majority of my works is mixed media digital art which includes some or all of the following: photography, fractals, drawing, painting, and digital art.”

At that point in my art timeline, I created spiritual pieces about heaven and the afterlife.

I’ve been fortunate to win numerous awards including Best Of Show, Publisher's Choice Awards, Social Conscious Award, Judge’s Choice Award, Honorable Mentions, Special Merits and have been placed in The American Art Awards four years in a row (2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020).

My work has also been published in several magazines.


Then my art grew into more imaginary work and fun, funky multi-media creations. I evolved into using several different graphic programs and I began to incorporate paintings, drawings, photographs, and fractals into my digital work.

Our dreams take us to wonderful places-fantastic, whimsical, mental vacations! Surreal art about dreamscapes!

“I am very focused on color, shapes, and lines in my work and the intuitive feeling or value they lend to each art piece.”

Death isn't the's a new beginning. It's so hard to say goodbye to those we love, but keep the faith- see and know with your spiritual eyes and heart that one day you will be reunited with your loved ones again!

I also paid close attention to color, shapes, lines, and the values they lend to each piece. I tried to encapsulate a feeling or understanding, through these avenues, in each art piece as a finished work.

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Art about the beauty and mystery of night!

Every piece is able to stand alone, but my body of work, as a whole, also tells a story about my life: my children, my passions, my spiritual beliefs, and my intense love of creativity and imagination.

Fun, funky abstract art with a concentration on colors, shapes and lines!

I see all forms of art as being expressed offerings from the artists themselves; a way to help understand and empathize with things of an intellectual and spiritual nature in the world around us.

A fun piece of whimsical art-remembering the days of yesterday: days of loving grandparents, flowers, candy, and lots of hugs!

As an artist myself, I am inspired by spirit, nature, and emotion. I love to create things that include all three elements.

Dynamic, colorful, abstract art depicting daisies floating in space: bold, bright, unique flowers with geometric, glowing petals surrounded by twinkling stars!

“I love to create, dream, and explore through artistic avenues the meaning of life, love, spirituality, passion, and purpose.”

In the mind of a child,
You are charmed and beguiled;
Imagination abounds;
In simplicity profound!