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Inspired by the early days of COVID shelter-in-place Pandemic I is a physical expression of the world health crisis & shelter-in-place. Pandemic I is uncomfortable, bound & blind folded. Her contorted position is a reflection of forced confinement, her burlap bindings further reflect this discomfort and pain. She is blind both physically and metaphorically.

Pandemic II



Pandemic II represents the painful instances of the human experience caused by the worldwide pandemic experienced in 2020. It juxtaposes vulnerability with the will to fight and overcome an unexpected predicament. The physical restraints allude to the obligatory shelter in place lockdown policies. Her back tattoo will stay with her throughout her life, just as the effects of COVID-19. However, the branding also speaks to her endurance and her survival in adversity.


Desire to us was like a double death,
Swift dying Of our mingled breath,
Evaporation Of an unknown strange perfume
Between us quickly In a naked Room.
Langston Hughes

Nurturing was one of my first true breakthroughs as an aspiring artist. A piece that for me captured the synergy between the artist and the model, it challenged me to go beyond my previous limits. This piece taught me. It continues to hold within it that strong feeling of being an artist. These experiences while creating the work combined with her gesture - the soft look toward the viewer over her shoulder - is a sculpture that truly was, is, and continues to be Nurturing.