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I thought about each piece of my creation before I placed them in their final spot. I thought about the base of this creation, a block of wood made from a cast-off of the plank of wood used maybe in someone's house. I thought about the used stamps and how far they may have traveled and what stories they hide. I imagined the fishing bobber used for the body of my creation, floating on the lake and an eager fisherman waiting for his catch. All coming together in this one creation.

Copper Bird and Nest

Mixed Media


This creation came to be, with many items from the past coming together. A cast-off piece of wood sanded smooth and given new life. A nest, made of old wires found at the back of a garage. Placed inside this nest are 3 vintage beads from a broken necklace, perfect eggs. The bird is made of used wine corks, I imagine they may have been from a night of celebration. The used stamps may have been from love letters. The wings are made from a vintage belt, oh the dances it has seen.


The thoughts that ran through my mind while creating this Cat were many. Corks from long romantic evenings used to make legs. The body, a vintage float used on the Fraser River to catch fish, decoupaged with 1890's sheet music played many times. I wonder how many people's lives have been touched by these items?

Used wires from the back of a garage, fishing float from a retired commercial fisherman, an old yard tool handle, paster, paint all coming together to create this wonderful creature. so many lives were touched by this one creation. Now on to the next story for this piece.

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Prize Ribbon (1)

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While making this little guy I thought about where the shrew is from and how hard life must be for this little guy. I also thought about the Items I used to make this creation and thought about the lives that these items were a part of and I wonder if the people using them struggled too.