Yellow and Black Photography Quote (1).p

I first began working through the series in early 2020 as a meditation on color, line and shape and as a restless need to push some paint around. I needed calm, structure, reliability and organization within the chaos of the national and global condition.

Striations 2



Each work gives me somewhere else to be mentally and spiritually making up for not being able to be somewhere else physically. The series is cathartic for me to work through with the repetition of lines and shapes and gives me the relief and joy of escapism.


My interests in natural wonders and phenomena, foreign places, transcendental experiences and optical lighting effects are at the core for this body of work. I am trying to capture purity and nuance of color and study color interaction with this series of paintings.

The organization of color, gradients, progressions, irregularities in size of the lines (or striations) are inspired by heightened sensory experiences of nature, sunsets, sunrises, exotic places, and imaginary worlds. All influences are either from memory or imaginary.