What is the Artist Grant all about?
ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL is giving away $1,000 in financial grants to artists 4 times each year.

How much time will it take me to apply for a grant?
112 seconds from first click to submission (of course, we timed it; and yes, results will vary)..

How complicated is the application process?
It’s closer to zero on a scale from zero to infinity.

What information do I need to provide on my application?
Other than your artworks, the only 3 things you need before you hit the Submit button are:
Your Name
Your Email

Your Country

How much grant money will you be giving out?
$1,000. However, this number is expected to go up in the future.

How much is the entry fee?

Can I submit more than 5 artworks?
Yes, we don't set a limit on the number of submissions one artist can make.

What months are these grants given out?
We will give out $1,000 during each Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter quarters.

When are the application deadlines?
SPRING: March 31st
SUMMER: June 30th
FALL: September 30th
WINTER: December 31st

What are my chances of receiving a grant?
This depends on not just how many artists submit their entries each quarter, but also their artistic abilities, the jury decision, and a host of other things.

How do I know whether I am one of the grant recipients? 
We will email you. Please make sure you unblock us so these notifications do not end up in your Junk folder.

When can I expect to hear back regarding a decision? 
Within 1 week after the closing date of each grant period.

When can I expect to get paid if I’m one of the grant recipients?
We plan to pay you within 2 weeks of announcing the grant results.

Will submitting multiple times increase my chances?
In a way, yes, because the jury will get to see more of your artworks. If you'd like to submit again, please feel free to access this page again and make additional submissions.

Will I hear back from you if I’m not one of the grant recipients?
Absolutely! We understand that not everyone -- no matter how brilliant -- can win every time, and we definitely appreciate your time, effort, dedication, and talent, and will hope that you’ll secure a grant next quarter.

Have you given out cash prizes before?
Yes! If you read through the artist names below, you’ll find that as of April 2021, cash prize awards have been given out to 160 talented artists. 

How much prize money have you given out so far?
A little over $8,850 as of June 2021. And that number goes up by $1,700 each month.
Do I stand a chance if I'm an amateur, novice, or emerging artist?
You stand a much better chance than almost any other similar competition elsewhere, since the jury will only consider your art, and nothing else. This means that your name recognition, influence, or curriculum vitae will not be part of the equation. Really!

Do you take into account my previous artistic experience during the grant selection process?
Nope, we sure don’t. Since our process is intended to move away from institutional achievements where established artists already command a more favorable position, we don’t want the jury panel to be biased or influenced by your past accomplishments. This is also why we don’t want you to submit your resume, biography, or artist statement. In other words, we will present to the jury only your work and your (optional) signature.

Why don’t you need an artist statement from me? Would it not explain my artistic outlook better?
Perhaps, but we also feel that there are too many artists out there whose talents aren’t being taken seriously because they are unknown to the world. We want them to get the same chance as other well-known artists who may hold a much more commanding position within the art industry. In this way, no artist will be judged based off of their prior achievements.
Can I refer to my Instagram account or website for the jury to see more of my works?
Unfortunately, no. We’d like to keep the process fair and consistent for everyone so what you submit is only what the jury will get to see.

Will the jury know my name?

Not until the grant allocation is complete. We assign an alphanumeric number to your name, and the jury process is blind during the selection.

Can I apply for a grant if I’ve already applied previously?
Of course, and we encourage you to do so. The whole point is to level the playing field. You can apply even if you’ve applied in one or more in the past. 

Will I be considered for a grant if I’ve already been a grant recipient in the past?
Yes, the grant decision is made by separate and independent jury panels each quarter and does not take into account whether or not you’ve been a prior grant recipient. So, your chance of receiving a grant is always as good as any other artist applicant, no matter if or how many times you’ve won before.

Where are the countries of origin of your winning artists?
Our artists come from all over the world. Artists from 49 countries have been represented just in 2021, and artists from 26 countries have won cash prizes. This data is current as of April 2021.

Do I need to be a citizen of any particular country to apply?

We welcome artists and photographers from all corners of the globe and from every country in the world to participate in our art events. We remain confident that our diversity is our greatest strength. 

Is there any age restriction for participating in the contest?
You will need to be at least 18 years of age to enter any Contest.

Who owns the copyrights of my artworks?
You. And it will always be that way.

Do you make any profit from the entry fee?
We don’t. Although this might change in the future, any unused money is simply rolled over to the next grant period and the overall grant money is increased. This way, we can make sure that either more artists get paid, or the same number of artists get paid out a higher amount of grant money. 

So, does this mean ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL might actually lose money by giving out these grants?
Possibly, but hopefully this will only be temporary. Since the grant money is announced ahead of time, we’ll keep our end of the bargain and still award the grant money for the next period. However, we might have to slightly lower the grants given out in subsequent periods to zero out our losses. Remember, to survive, we need to stay afloat too.

How do I know that these grants are actually given out?
We’re 100% transparent in everything we do. This means that we’ll always advertise for you the names of the grant recipients each quarter. For your reference, we include below the long list of artists who have won cash prizes with us just in 2021.

Is the entry fee refundable?
No, the entry fee is non-refundable once a successful submission has been made in the Artist Grant process.

Why do you charge an entry fee?
We established ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL as an organization working on behalf and of, and for the benefit of artists, photographers, and other art contributors, by highlighting the artworks of both emerging and established artists from all around the world. Our core mission has been to award cash prizes, raise social awareness, and boost international recognition by holding juried competitions funded through sponsorships, associations, memberships, and participation fees. One of the ways we raise grant money as well as meet our operational costs is by charging a small entry fee.

How do I pay the entry fee?
When you click on the pulsating orange button at the bottom of this page, you will be taken to our secure payment portal. You can either pay by PayPal or choose to make a credit card payment. ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL accepts all major credit cards. After the payment has been successfully processed, you will be taken to the submission form to upload your artworks and a couple of other details.

What do I do if I have more questions or need further clarifications?
Please feel free to email us at We are committed to get back to you within 6 hours; however, usually you'll hear back from us within a matter of minutes, not hours. And that includes weekends and holidays.




We congratulate the following artists who won cash prizes at one or more of ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL's competitions.


2021 Cash Prize Winners - 160 Artists

Adam Reed, USA | Agnieszka Jackiewicz-Pec, USA | Alejandro Berlino, ITALY | Alena Fadeeva, RUSSIA | Alena Shaburdina, RUSSIA | Alexey Savvin, RUSSIA | Alison Altafi, USA | Amanda June, USA | Ambika Thiagarajan, USA | Angela Williams, FRANCE | Angelica Bremmel, USA | Ann James Massey, FRANCE | Anne McDonald, AUSTRALIA | Anthony Reganato, USA | Antonia Gesche, GERMANY | Barbara Tracy, USA | Bing Yang, CHINA | Bojan Grozdanović, SERBIA | Brent Besser, USA | Britta Manges, USA | Carin Lavery, AUSTRALIA | Carly Tyll, CANADA | Cecilia Sjölund, SWEDEN | Chang Wan Jin, SOUTH KOREA | Cheng Yeow Chye, MALAYSIA | Cher Pruys, CANADA | Chloe Fitzpatrick, UK | Christopher Cook, USA | Christopher Miller, USA | Cici Artemisia, USA | Clara Wild, SOUTH AFRICA | Colter May, USA | Colter May, USA | D. Ghosh, INDIA | Dalit Fresco, USA | Darko Stanic, BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA | Deborah Esenkova, RUSSIA | Deborah Wage, USA | Diana Fernandez, GUATEMALA | Dianne Marlin, USA | Dongmei Liu, CHINA | Elizabeth Nolen, USA | Elizaveta Ivanova, USA | Emily Bozzo, USA | Estelle Asmodelle, SPAIN | Esther van Hulsen, NORWAY | Eszter Anna Vörös, HUNGARY | Federico Fauli, UK | Frank Koran, USA | Galya Koleva, BULGARIA | Gang Dai, CHINA | Grace Collett, UK | Guangchen Xue, CHINA | Hu Yun, CHINA | Huaqi Li, CHINA | Irina Kirishina, RUSSIA | Irina Tatyanina, RUSSIA | Jai Clark, USA | Jaimie Barchus, USA | Janet Clukie, USA | Jared Trask, CANADA | Jason Green, USA | Jessica Crawford, USA | Jiangbo Lin, CHINA | Jiankai Wang, CHINA | Jiao Man, CHINA | Jing Lan, CHINA | Joanie Baldwin, USA | Jon Bøe Paulsen, NORWAY | Juan Cavalleiro, USA | Kai Tian, CHINA | Karen Khan, USA | Kate Hanley, USA | Kateryna Ivonina, UKRAINE | Kathleen Walsh, USA | Kelly Singleton, USA | Ken Preston, UK | Kristin Sarstedt, SWEDEN | Kristina Ifanova, RUSSIA | Kuntal Choudhary, USA | Leah Probst, CANADA | Letizia Pecci, GERMANY | Lev Bogorov, USA | Linda McCord, USA | Lito Ramos, USA | Liya Liang, CHINA | Long Yuan, CHINA | Luc Villard, FRANCE | Lucy Anderson, NEW ZEALAND | Lynn Weilin, USA | Margot Niederland, USA | Mark Scavinoe, USA | Matt Patterson, USA | Mauro Sobrinho, BRAZIL | Merritt Richardson, USA | Michael Bocci, USA | Michel Devanakis, GREECE | Ming Qin, CANADA | Misak Hartenyan, ARMENIA | Nan Ye, CHINA | Naomi Nevo Ben Ari, USA | Natalie Woodson, USA | Nathan Miller, USA | Nicholas King, USA | Oenone Hammersley, USA | Olivia Checiu, ROMANIA | Oresta Kinash, UKRAINE | Paige Baldwinson, USA | Patrick Joosten, FRANCE | Paulina Katarzyna Zielska, POLAND | Peter Brenner, CANADA | Phan Hien, SINGAPORE | Quanquan Yu Wang, USA | Rachel Wolfe, AUSTRALIA | Renato Marandino, BRAZIL | Rohini Mukherjee, INDIA | Ruimiao Wang, CHINA | Runping Zhang, CHINA | Ruzzo Maren, USA | S. V. Tharkey, HAITI | Sandy Moser, CANADA | Sarah Budean, USA | Sergiy Nagorny, USA | Seung Joo Lee, USA | Shawna Hinkel, USA | Sherry Been, USA | Shuai Han, CHINA | Shuhua Jin, CHINA | Shuxin Cai, CHINA | Sidong Zhao, CHINA | Sophie Parkhill, UK | Stephen Mauldin, USA | Svetlana Martin, GERMANY | Tais Nikitenko, RUSSIA | Tanya Powell, USA | Tat Kuen Ko, CHINA | Theodore Heublein, USA | Ting Wu, CANADA | Tuo Yu, CHINA | Usha Roy, INDIA | Victoria Dael, RUSSIA | Victoria Limonina, RUSSIA | Wayne Claypatch, USA | William Cohen, NEW ZEALAND | Xiabing Shen, CHINA | Xiang Shi, CHINA | Xiangdong Liu, CHINA | Xiaowei Liu, CHINA | Xiaoyan Lin, CHINA | Xingping Guo, CHINA | Yan Zi, CHINA | Yana Senchylo, USA | Yaoyao Li, CHINA | Yi Hsuan Sung, USA | Yong Zhang, CHINA | Yong Zhang, CHINA | Yue Zeng, USA | Yun Hu, CHINA | Zaiming Xiao, CHINA | Zhou Hui, CHINA

Artists indicated in bold font have won cash prizes in multiple art competitions.